Bow Wow Says He Was Hacked, Gay Photo Leaks On Twitter! (Photo)

A photo of rapper Bow Wow has surfaced allegedly showing him cozying up with another man!

The picture in question shows an apparently nude Bow Wow laying on top of another equally nude man in bed.

The photo surfaced on Twitter after Bow Wow says he was hacked by a wannabe rapper… but this might not be the case!

The drama all began when a Twitter user by the name @7_I_Am posted the above photo of Bow Wow.

Then it was believed that the user hacked the Bow Wow’s Twitter as a way to extort money from him and to gain exposure for the wannabe rapper’s mixtape.

But from the looks of it Bow Wow is pretending to be the hacker in order to drive attention away from the photo and his violent tweets towards the “hacker” that he later erased!

First Bow Wow tweeted (then deleted), “RT i got 2500$ to any Detroit ni**a that finds @7_i_Am and slaps the p*ss outta dis ni**a. Word!”

But then Bow Wow’s Twitter was conveniently “hacked” and the hacker left numerous, questionable tweets. Starting with:

The hacker left a total of 18 tweets on Bow Wow’s timeline!

But here’s the thing, if you go to Bow Wow's Twitter right now (Aug. 23, 2012/ 9:45 AM PST) you will see that all of the tweets are still there.

If he was really hacked, wouldn’t those tweets have already been taken down? None of it seems to add up, would a hacker seriously believe he could get $10,000 or a record deal through extortion on Twitter?

The alleged hacker has even said on his Twitter, “@JavonCWalker I’m not a rapper tho an I haven’t an don’t plan on hacking the page.”

He has also tweeted:

So was Bow Wow really hacked or is this just him and his team doing damage control? Do you think it’s really him in the photo?

Tell us your thoughts in the comment section below…

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  • http://facebook cb

    i think people need to go back to school and learn how to write and speak properly. or they are gonna sound like these two fools arguing like 1st graders.!

  • andreanna

    That’s terrible If anyone did hack his page but clearly that Guy doesn’t look anything like bow wow that’s an insult to his image pol just need a life one pol mind there buisness and stay out of other then word would be much better

  • http://Website Mykel Jackson

    Bow Wow aint gay cuz i kissed him before

  • http://YouTube Name trent

    if that is little Bow Wow’s dude he should be happy thay look very nice together .who cares anybody would love to be with little bow Wow.little bow Wow must’ve fell asleep in his ass.