Wired Exclusive: ‘The Real L Word’ Cast Talks Season 3 (Video)

The Showtime reality series The Real L Word is returning for season three and this time around the show has gone bi-coastal!

That’s right, this season the group of Los Angeles women will be joined by the ladies of New York City.

For those unaware, The Real L Word is a show that explores the lives of women in the Los Angeles (and now New York) lesbian scene and is based off the hit drama series The L Word.

“They say third times a charm! I think this season will really stand out,” cast member Whitney Mixter exclusively tells Allie Is Wired. “There’s a lot that’s changed, a bunch of new dynamics to the feel, interesting characters added, charged issues tackled and drama for days so everyone likes that.”

This season we will be seeing some old and new faces. Returning this season will be Whitney, Sara, Cori and Kacy.

As for the new faces, the New York ladies will consist of Kiyomi, Somer, Lauren and Amanda.

“Kiyomi is charming, sweet and genuine I think she will be a NYC favorite and a lady’s lady,” fellow cast member Sara Bettencourt tells us. “As for Somer I did not get to know her well enough to make a detailed description. Amanda is a handful and is funny as hell, her sense of humor is dry and well, hilarious. Lauren is talented, caring and sweet.”

This season we will see some really big surprises. Whitney reveals to us “All I can say is a lot of relationship dynamics have changed so it will be interesting to watch!”

Check out the preview for the upcoming season below…

The Real L Word returns July 12, at 10 p.m. on Showtime!

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