Tim Tebow Demands Photo with Strippers Removed From Twitter (Photo)

Tim Tebow was recently photographed backstage with four female cast members from the Broadway hit musical Rock of Ages.

There’s only one problem, the four women were dressed in stripper costumes and when one of the ladies posted the photo to her Twitter page, Timmy reportedly freaked out and demanded that it be removed.

Honestly, I don’t see the big deal — they aren’t even naked!

Apparently, Rock of Ages cast member Neka Zang posted the photo. She also posted a photo of the entire cast tebowing.

Explaining the removal Neka said:

“Well, Due to Tebow’s ‘image’ I was asked to remove the pic of him with us half-dressed ladies,” Neka wrote. “He does know we aren’t real strippers, right? Tweeps. I’m not mad, or judging. Just letting u all know I took the pic down. Ok. Thanks.”

Probably would have been a lot less controversy, had he just left well enough alone.

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