New ‘The Dark Knight Rises’ Trailer Released (Watch Here)

There are only a few months left until the sure-to-be blockbuster film “The Dark Knight Rises” premieres and a new trailer has just been released!

The film will be the third and final film in the Batman reboot series.

Christian Bale obviously returns for his role of Bruce Wayne (Batman), Tom Hardy as Bane, Anne Hathaway as Catwoman and of course Michael Caine as Alfred the butler.

In the trailer we see Batman returning eight years after the last film taking on his final enemies Bane and Catwoman.

There’s plenty of explosions, fight scenes and yes even some romance!

The world seems to be coming to an end, but will Batman be able to turn things around before it’s too late?

Will this film live up to the mega success that was “The Dark Knight?”

“The Dark Knight Rises” premieres July 20, 2012 in regular and IMAX theaters.

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