Kat Von D Calls Cops On Creepy Caller

Kat Von D had a scary experience last night that sounds like it’s straight out of a horror movie!

The tattoo artist and reality star called the police Monday night after receiving a very creepy phone call from a potential intruder.

Apparently,Kat answered the call from an unknown number on her home phone.

The unknown caller asked if it was Kat and then proceeded to ask some very personal questions before ending the call.

It didn’t end there, after only a few moments Kat received a text message also from the unknown person!

Kat believed the caller was likely on her property so she called the police at around 10:45 PM.

Soon after cops were on the scene, they even busted out the police helicopter to investigate the whole neighborhood.

After searching everywhere no one was found so law enforcement made a report and left.

That’s so scary, if I was Kat I would not want to stay at the house that night!

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