Wired Exclusive: Zander Bleck Talks New Single & Album (Video)

Zander Bleck is an up and coming musician who is bringing back the vibe of old school rock n’ roll while modernizing it with electro-dance influences.

Zander has released his first single “Temptation,” which is off his upcoming debut album “MONUMENT” produced by the one and only RedOne!

Bleck is a New York musician who used to perform at dive bars, but is now working his way up to the top. Also he is currently touring with the band The Wanted.

Zander and I met at Interscope Records to talk about his music, his career and his plans for the future.

Okay Zander, tell us a little bit about yourself.

“Well, my name is Zander Bleck. I’m from New Jersey originally, but I live in New York City. I’m a musician and I have this big record that I am super excited about. I’m really trying to capture the essence of Rock n’ Roll, but I want to modernize it by bringing in some electro, dance and pop.”

Can you describe your journey from starting out up until where you are now?

“Sure, I grew up in New Jersey in a pretty musical household. My dad was an artist and he had music in his blood all his life. When I was 17-years-old I moved to New York City where I modeled to pay the bills. I started my first rock band, which was called Monument, it was like my baby and we played in every dive in that city. It was really like putting the cart before the horse because to be honest I wasn’t really ready, but that’s where I got my education. I just kept working hard and I just kept getting better and better and then I began writing my own songs and then it just got to the point where it started to make more sense for me to go solo. Once I started working with producers my creativity went wild because I wasn’t limited by to how good my drummer was or how good my bass player was. I began combining elements of electro with elements of Rock n’ Roll, I really wanted to create this new sound that would really connect with an audience.”

Great, so you have just released your new single “Temptation,” tell us what that song is about.

“Well I wrote ‘Temptation’ a while ago during a time in my life when temptation is all around me. The song represents those things that we really shouldn’t do, but sometimes doing those things make us feel most alive. So it’s really a playful, sexy take on what tempts us all, the song really wrote itself.”

The video was released last week, what was it like filming your first music video?

“It was great! I really wanted it to be real without all of the bells and whistles, especially for my first video. I want people to see who I am and what my live show is all about and also I wanted to pay homage to the 80s rock video, but obviously I wanted to modernize and stylize it. I think we really achieved that.”

“Temptation” is off you’re your upcoming debut album “MONUMENT” what can we expect from it?

“I am so, so proud and excited about this album! There are some really strong songs, literally every single song has been my favorite at some point. They are all honest, I’ve written them all about parts of my life or feelings I’ve had so when I’m performing them live or in the studio recording them I can reflect on a real moment in my life. I believe that when you can sing about something honest it allows the audience to connect. On the album there are songs that are a little electronic and there are songs that are a little more rock and ‘Temptation’ is right in the middle. We are hoping to release it sometime this summer. I love this album, it’s like my baby!”

RedOne produced the album and has worked with so many great artists, what was it like working with him?

“He is just amazing to work with! He has a great positive energy and we’re very quick together. I mean the first time we met we were really only supposed to talk for like 15 minutes and we actually ended up running to the studio and we actually wrote my song ‘Dancing Around This Love’ in like an hour! We just got the guitar out and pretty soon we had a verse, then we had a hook and it just went from there. So pretty much we just have the same vision of what we want to do. It was great I was actually on tour with Lady Gaga when she was doing ‘Born This Way’ so she would go and perform and then I would go into the studio and it was really a back and forth kind of thing. We recorded in London, Paris, the south of France, Helsinki, Stockholm, Los Angeles, New York and you know it’s actually been such a surreal and amazing experience. It really allows the album to have a universal appeal.”

So who are your musical influences?

“Well I’d say vocally I’m a huge Bono fan. U2 has this passion when they perform and Bono has this raw primal aspect of his voice. Freddie Mercury and Roger Daltrey have the same thing, it’s this soul that’s really hard to explain. It’s this amazing thing that so many rock singers had back in the day, but it seems like it’s been gone for a while now. But, really I like everything from Cold Play to Daft Punk to Gaga to Skrillex to Duran Duran to Led Zepplin. Just coming back from Coachella last weekend, I was blown away. What these DJs are doing sonically is just so advanced I can’t help but be super inspired. These guys (Skrillex, Swedish House Mafia and others) are really pushing the bar in regards to what we are listening to today.”

So tell me, if you could do a collaboration with any artist who would it be and why?

“You know our paths have crossed so many times and we come from such similar backgrounds. I would love to do a very sexy and super powerful duet with Lady Gaga. Hopefully that can happen in the next couple years, it would be tremendous. I have so much respect for her! The first time we met was on a rooftop in New York for her first album release party. We talked for a while about how Freddy Mercury is pretty much the greatest singer of all time.”

Do you have any performances coming up? Maybe a tour to promote the album?

“Well yes, we’ve been touring with The Wanted which has been great. I think we are picking up a lot more dates in the summer and we’ll be doing a small tour as well. But we are working really hard on this because my live performance is my biggest passion. I want to bring that energy that we captured on the record to the stage.”

Where can our readers learn more about you?

“I’m an active social media correspondent, I feel like I’m joining something new every day. You know I used to keep a journal, but now everything is online so now I can connect and share my feelings with my fans. As a new artist, it’s a strange time where you’re going through a whole bunch of emotions and you’re experiencing all of these crazy things so it’s great that I can share those experiences with others online. So yeah my Twitter and Facebook are great outlets for that.”

Any last words for our readers?

“I just want people to have a listen. I’m really excited about the entire album, not just the single. I think that people will really connect with it, every song hold a special part for me. I just want to have fun and I want to bring back that energy that I grew up loving!”

Check out Zander’s music video for his new sing “Temptation” below…

Thanks Zander for talking with Allie Is Wired, it was a great interview!

Zander Bleck’s new single “Temptation” is now available on iTunes and for more info check out his website www.ZanderBleck.com.

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