‘The Situation’ Was Taking 20-30 Pills A Day

Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino’s drug problem is worse than anyone thought!

Mike is currently dealing with his addiction to prescription pills at the famous Cirque Lodge rehab.

Apparently, he is addicted to Xanax, Ambien and the powerful oral opioids Dilaudid which are used to treat severe pain!

A source reveals that “Mike was taking unbelievable amounts of Dilaudid along with Xanax and Ambien. Mike was taking about 20-30 pills a day which easily could have killed him.”

“Mike is very lucky that he didn’t overdose and die, because the amount of prescription drugs was that high and deadly. It was very easy for Mike to get the prescription drugs, and he got them from more than one doctor. It’s very likely that his physicians were unaware that he was taking all three of the prescription drugs.”

It gets worse.

“Mike would also drink alcohol while he was taking the pills which obviously could have had a horrible outcome for him. Everyone around him is hopeful he will stay sober once he leaves Cirque Lodge,” says the source.

“He became dependent on prescription pills to counter-act his hard partying lifestyle, which included illegal substances. The good news is that he was the one that wanted to get help and checked into rehab. Hopefully with the proper treatment, Mike will be able to lead a sober life.”

The Situation is still planning on returning to the “Jersey Shore” house for another season, this doesn’t sound like the best idea!

Well good luck Mike.

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