Taylor Hicks Headlining At Bally’s In Las Vegas

American Idol season 5 winner Taylor Hicks returns to the city where he first auditioned for the show that made him famous, Las Vegas.

Hicks begins an eight-week engagement headlining at Bally’s Las Vegas beginning Tuesday, June 26, 2012.

Hicks will be the first “American Idol” winner or finalist to secure a residency in Las Vegas, a testament to his talent and staying power as one of the show’s most beloved stars.

Hicks says, “A residency in Las Vegas is one of those opportunities an entertainer dreams about. Vegas is where Sinatra’s Rat Pack and America’s greatest talents make musical history. To join those ranks is both humbling and thrilling. My goal is to live up to that legacy of live showmanship.”

For more information and updates, please visit www.ballyslasvegas.com or www.taylorhicks.com.

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