Shirley MacLaine Doesn’t Miss Dick Clark (Video)

Shirley MacLaine certainly didn’t mince words when asked about Dick Clark‘s passing. In fact, I’d say she’s pretty happy about it.

When Reuters asked Shirley if she had any thoughts on Clark’s passing, Shirley found the positive.

“Well now I can walk past his house in Malibu and his dogs won’t attack mine. That’s one good thing.”

MacLaine and Jack Black arrived together at the Hollywood premiere of their latest movie, “Bernie” making people believe that they might be real life partners.

Speaking of their roles Black recently said, “It’s heavy, but you know, we were pushing the envelope. We’re going some places no one’s gone before. And the truth is inside every story, no matter how dark, there’s always going to be some kernel of comedy, I think. There’s always a funny angle you can take on any story.”

Was Shirley just trying to find another funny angle?

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