Rihanna Wears An Ity Bity Denim Bikini (Photo)

Rihanna simply LOVES her Instagram account, with already 144 images posted.

The Instagram Queen stripped down to nothing but this really cute denim bikini, showing off her toned figure as she sat poolside with friends.

Yet, despite spending so much time online, Rihanna also managed to find the time to join the slew of celebs that attended Coachella in Indio, California this weekend.

According to OK, Instagram and Twitter aren’t Rihanna’s only online activities — she’s also sexting!

She thinks sexting is the answer?

Even though Ashton Kutcher turned cool following his alleged one-night stand with Rihanna, the singer is determined to lure the Two and a Half Men star back into her arms.

Rihanna’s first feature film Battleship opened up at number one, according to Deadline.

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