Rihanna Does Drugs Off Random Guy’s Head (Photo)

Rihanna has sparked yet another drug controversy, this time at the Coachella Music Festival where apparently everything crazy happens.

Rihanna posted a collage on her Instagram showing her on some guy’s shoulders with what looks like drugs.

The pictures, which Rihanna captioned with “Memories don’t live like people do #coachella,” seem to show her fiddling with a white powder and paper atop a man’s head.

Could the singer be snorting coke off this man’s bald head?

Upon closer inspection it looks like the “white powder” may actually be marijuana that is just overexposed in the photograph.

So it looks like RiRi may just be rolling a blunt on this poor man’s head. Not only does he have to carry Rihanna around on his shoulders, but now he has weed or coke on his noggin.

What do you think she is doing and why would she post a picture about it?

Tell us in the comment section below…

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  • http://allieiswired.com Allie

    His bald head. lol

  • http://allieiswired.com Allie

    Crumbled Feta?