Lana Del Rey Debuts ‘Carmen’ Music Video (Watch Here)

Lana Del Rey has just released the music video for her new single “Carmen,” a song about a wayward Hollywood party girl.

The video is a collection of vintage footage and visually altered shots of Del Rey. The whole thing has a very retro feel while still providing that artsy, edginess Del Rey has come to be known for.

Of the found-footage used, there is a blooming rose, women dancing on poles, random archival footage and a scientific video that shows the effects of crystal meth.

Say what you want about the singer, but you have to admit she makes interesting videos.

On the video’s YouTube description, the singer calls “Carmen” a “BIO PIC” and actually sources all of the people whose work is featured in the video.

Out of all of the sources Lana cites, the one that made me laugh was the Food Network show “The Barefoot Contessa.”

I’ll have to look back and see where the cooking show fits into the video.

Lana may have had a rocky start with her not so appreciated performance on Saturday Night Live, but now she really seems to be coming into her own.

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