Kelsey Grammer Gets Wife’s Name Tattooed On His Hip (Photo)

Kelsey Grammer got his first tattoo over the weekend at the ripe old age of 57!

The “Frasier” star decided his first tattoo would be what many consider the kiss of death for a relationship, his wife’s name.

So where did he get the tat (as if you haven’t read the title)?

His hip, that’s right a 57-year-old man got his wife, Kayte Walsh’s name tattooed on his hip! Luckily for Kelsey and the tattoo artist, his hip didn’t fracture during the inking process.

The tattoo cost Grammer a cheap $60.

At least he didn’t get Camille’s name as a tramp stamp.

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  • http://allieiswired.com Allie

    His armpit looks like it smells. lol