Justin Bieber To One Direction’s Niall Horan: Stay Away From Selena Gomez!

Uh-oh Justin Bieber’s a jealous boyfriend…

The drama all went down at the 2012 Kids’ Choice Awards when Niall Horan of the boy band One Direction was caught hitting on Selena Gomez!

“Niall made a beeline for Selena and poured on the charm,” says a source. “When he looked into her eyes and said, ‘You’re beautiful,’ Selena melted.”

Justin wasn’t having it when he saw this happen!

“He was stewing while it went down,” the source said. “He was ready to explode. Justin took Niall aside and warned him to keep away from Selena.”

Wow. [Eye roll]

So whose side are you on, Team Justin or Team Niall?

Tell us in the comment section below…

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  • http://www.niallhoranfacts.blogg.se LiNiall

    Team Niall. (;

  • Kenady

    Team Niall all the way<3


    la verdad que si los quieren comparar niall a love you

  • http://ireallydontno ILYNIALL !

    OMIGOSH!!! i love Niall! He can have anyone he wants ! Even thought he belongs to ME :D (and all those directioners out there !!! ) TEAM NIALL ALL THE WAY !!!!!!

  • donut

    TEAM Niall he is so Hot

  • http://allieisweird.com kristal

    team niall he is better than jb

  • http://Donthave ONE DIRECTION, louis,niall,zayn, harry, liam

    NIALL OFC!!!!!! HE ALWAYS WIN!!!!<333 luv him moast in the wirld 4-evah!

  • Angela

    I love them both. They are my two favorite people in the world. But Justin and Selena belong together.

  • http://allieiswired.com/archives/2012/04/justin-bieber-to-one-directions-niall-horan-stay-away-from-selena-gomez/ Mia

    I vote for Niall! <3 people who;s saying Niall is stupid and ugly… have you look at the mirror??? I bet Niall is better than you! And I still like Justin! But NIALL ALL THE WAY!
    And people who don't like justin.. same speech as Niall. I love Niall and Justin! <3
    Sorry Justin… If I only can vote for both of you I will! I LOVE YOU BOTH! ~Team Niall

  • http://allieiswired.com/archives/2012/04/justin-bieber-to-one-directions-niall-horan-stay-away-from-selena-gomez/ Mia

    I vote for Niall! <3 people who;s saying Team Niall because his a cutie doesn'tt make it something! I LOVE NIALL, BECAUSE of his talent,look,personality and I LIKE HOW HE LOVES FOODS LIKE ME :)

  • http://Website NameTay

    TEAM NIALL DAMIT !!omment

  • Mary

    Team Niall!!! <333

  • HARRY STYLES numba 1 fan

    of course niall wins i mean he was just saying that selena was butiful mabe he didn’t mean to say but when he saw her he was measmorised i mean selena is very very pretty and inmagein being barkrd at by your bigest idol evr that is just sooooo sad i feel bad for niall its okay niall i am here for u i love andsrry that happend to u we all love u niall although i do love justin very very much he is cute but niall is cuter so i dont hate any of them :} :3 =D O:) <3 <3

    meep =D
    ^ . . ^
    /( v )\
    { 0 0 }

  • Rachel


  • valerie

    i really love niall like alot but niall could do wayy better than that slut selena so i vote for justin ugh

  • alyanna

    of course team niall niall if u read this i LOVE LOVE LOVE YOU!!!!!

  • http://Twitter PhenomiNIALL


  • http://Website Nialler

    Justin. If niall wants to flirt with selena. He can flirt. Back off.

  • http://allieisweird.com Ariana

    I Vote For Niall of course like who wouldn’t and just saying Niall was just giving Selena a complament i wonder if i spelled that right <3 thumbs up if u agree <3 <3 <3
    I VOTE 4 TEAM NIALL <3 <3 <3

  • http://allieisweird.com Ariana

    VOTE 4 TEAM NIALL <3 <3 <3 <3

  • Queenie Jurey

    I go for team Niall….<3 i mean Justin is great and all but he needs to come the heak down…so yeah go Niall<3

  • http://instagram.com ALYSSA

    He was just giving her a compliment.
    Sorry jb. No need to be jealous . ;)
    Niall is a charmer though!

  • fay


  • Alex

    Yeah, I would be with Niall, but you don’t just hit on someone’s girlfriend. So team Justin.

  • http://allieiswired.com tatiana

    team naill so hotter.and just is not cute

  • Ciarra

    team niall!@ he is way hotter

  • madison

    team niall cuz niall is irrish n cute n he did nothing wrong (:

  • faith andress

    team niall i always siads with the cutest on

  • kirrily

    team niall he way better and what did he do he just said shes beautiful its just a comment

  • sharlynia

    team niall NIALL HORAN wins

  • Kiara

    Team niall!!! Justin had his share with Selena now it’s nialls turn

  • matina

    OF COURSE NIALL IS WIN!!!!!!!!!!!!<3<3<3<3

  • merlina

    el de Niall es mejor. justin no es feo pero NIALL ES MAS HERMOSOOOO!!!

  • http://allieiswerid tayla

    omg got to be team naill hes lits to me xxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • lexie

    I love 1D so i say Niall even if I did like Justin Bieber I would still say Niall because I love Sel and Niall so I thinkthey would be perfect together!:)

  • http://Allieswired.com Trinity


  • http://XdarTEG. Farah

    i love you NAiil horan

  • Caroline

    TEAM NIALL ofcourse