Chris Brown Has Dramatic Weight Loss, Still Loves Rihanna (Photo)

Chris Brown is looking shockingly skinny now-a-days, but what’s causing the dramatic weight loss?

Many fans noticed Chris’ weight loss while he performed at Supafest in Sydney, Australia and some have even suggested that drugs might be behind the transformation.

According to a source, Chris Brown is not on drugs, but is distraught over his stalled career as well as the fact that he is not with his true love Rihanna.

Apparently, Chris is tired of his loveless relationship with current girlfriend Karrueche Tran. The same girl Rihanna had sent a racially inappropriate picture to on Twitter.

“He’s only with her for his public image,” says the source. “He’s not in love with [Karrueche], he’s in love with Rihanna.”

Reportedly, Brown and Rihanna call and text each other often. But both stars have been told by their people that being seen together in public would destroy both of their careers.

So is Chris Brown really just love sick for Rihanna or do you think the weight loss is the result of drug use?

Tell us what you think in the comment section below…

image:FameFlynet, Inc.

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  • klaj

    wtf? chris aint on drug use, neither is rihanna as people say. so if any1 losses weight thy on drug? u lot need to fallback hard chris is in lot of stress he got a case pending, still trying to climb on top with his career, while he has to deal with media and haters trying to bring him down everytime

  • http://google sylvia

    you know what. the mrdia kills people. Iam sure Chris is under alot of stress, As multi-talented as he is ya’ll still crucify him. Although he spazzed out on Rihanna; who knows the cause. She is a demon from hell who is manipulative. As a Taurus I am sure patient Chris had taken all of the abuse he could from that demon. CHRIS go to your momma and take a break from the wicked industry; get yourself back together physically and mentally. The devil cannot defeat God, he can only test him ( and you). Kae is a taurus also keep yalls focus on the future. Hell if I were you I would quit the industry and do some other things. You have the money to live good forever. BTW, love those pups, I would buy one if I could just because its yours. You my Boy but, Keep the Lord, God in heaven first and he will be your shield. Love to meet you, Im a fan an middle aged lady , Social worker, no sex just conversation , because I feel you are very special. My son and I share the birthdate of May 7th. KEEP STRONG TAURUS.

  • http://allieiswired.com Allie

    You had me at hello Syliva… but I’m gonna draw the line. lol

  • http://twitter.com/campbellody143 Caitlin

    He looks sick! I feel bad. He should worry more about himself and NOT his career

  • http://www.weightloss-world.com weightloss-world

    Wow, his muscles are gone ! hope things all alright with him

  • Best-a-luck!

    He lost a lot of weight!! Is it too much noodles?? lol I think chris brown needs his mother. Go camp out in some deep woods with your mother and some families. He needs to talk with Russel Simmons and Rev Run they give great advice.You are never too grown to take a couple great advice.

  • sarah b

    White powder isn’t food….probably explains his raging and fighting. Rihanna looks to be like she is doing lines with him as well…..her behavior is anything but role model material. She pretty much is trashy now and lost that she would run back to the guy who beat her so badly in the face. Both need help.