Amanda Bynes Has Been ‘Lost’ Since 2008

Amanda Bynes is a hot mess and has been for a while…

The world was shocked this past Friday when the Nickelodeon star was arrested for drunk driving.

“This DUI was definitely just a serious lapse in judgment,” says a source.

Apparently, Bynes has been having a life crisis for a few years now. “She hit a wall personally and professionally [in 2008] … I think she’s been a little lost since then,” adds the source.

The former actress, who said she “just really needed some time off” back in 2010, has been spending many nights stumbling out of clubs drunk.

On the night of the DUI, Bynes left the Standard Hotel after having some alcohol and drove to the club Greystone Manor where she had more alcohol. After that she left the club and was then pulled over after hitting a police car.

Then according to a source “”Bynes tried to come back to party [at the Standard] only hours after she was released from her DUI arrest,” but she was turned away due to the fact that she is no longer welcome at the hotel.

Back in March, Bynes was so drunk she had to be helped out of Greystone Manor by two friends.

Amanda please!

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