Kris Humphries Wants $7 Million From Kim Kardashian

More proof that Kris Humpries is a huge D-bag…

According to reports, the NBA player is secretly demanding $7 Million from his former wife, Kim Kardashian!

Apparently, Humphries has given Kim the decision to either cough up the cash or he will take her to court in an ugly, public trial.

But does Shrek (Kris) really deserve that kind of money… it was a rhetorical question, he obviously does not.

First off, there was an air-tight prenup, which states that Kim owes nothing to Kris in the case of divorce.

And second, Kris has already made money from the marriage! Reportedly, he earned around $1 million from the wedding special.

He didn’t even pay for the ring, Kim had to use a portion of what she earned to pay for it!

Not only did Kris get paid handsomely for the wedding special, he also raked in around $250,000-$300,000 from appearing on the Kardashian reality show.

What a leech!

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