‘American Idol’ To Kick Off Criminal Contestant

American Idol” is laying down the law…

Sources close to the show are revealing that a contestant will be kicked off on Wednesday’s show because they had hidden their criminal past!

One of the final 12 contestants was charged with two crimes in 2011, one of those involved violence.

Also the contestant has outstanding warrants, a fact that they kept from producers.

What’s worst of all is that not only did they boot this person off the show, but they kept the cameras rolling!

That’s right, they are going to show the contestant being confronted and kicked off on Wednesday’s show. How sad!

So who’s getting the boot?

It looks like it might be Jermaine Jones!

Jermaine recently tweeted and then deleted “Awww I will no longer b on the show.”

UPDATE: Jermaine Jones, or the American Idol producers, have deleted his Twitter account.

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