Rihanna Parties With Kate Moss and Stella McCartney (Photo)

Rihanna celebrated her birthday early during London Fashion Week.

Stella McCartney performed a card trick and Rihanna, who had made her London Fashion Week debut to sit in between Stella and Kate Moss throughout the dinner, whooped throughout the trick.

“I love magic and that was pretty magic,’ McCartney said about her magician themed presentation of evening wear. ‘We wanted to do something special for London Fashion Week.”

Who knew Stella McCartney was such a vixen?

The designer, Paul McCartney‘s daughter, was hosting a special dinner in Mayfair to launch her evening wear collection.

The new blonde Rihanna wore an Elvira Hancock inspired green dress and posed outside for pictures before making her way inside to take a place at the head table, in between Kate Moss and the designer herself.

Note Kate Moss’ arm — hopefully she didn’t sit like that for too long.

image: rihanna

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