Octomom Engaged! (Photo)

UPDATE: I just received an email from Gina Rodriguez, Nadya Suleman’s manager, who issued the following statement: “No Damon did it as a joke. She did not except that and its not true. Its completely false.”

So, the 20+ images of Damon Feldman on his knee, with Nadya Suleman smiling as Damon puts a ring on her finger — was just an ‘unexpected’ staged photo shoot. Nadya is still a single woman.


Nadya Suleman, whose 2009 birth of octuplets ignited a media outcry over her use of public assistance, is engaged!

Suleman was promoting the Pillow Fighting Championships, which consists of models getting into the ring for a pillow fight with other models.

Looks like her Promoter Damon Feldman put her finger in a different ring!

Not judging, but it’s a sensible ring for someone who’ll be supporting all those kids.

When asked if she remains on public assistance, Suleman said that she’s “still struggling” but that she does “everything (she) can to feed the kids.”

I wonder if marrying Damon is one of those things?

Feldman is the founder of Celebrity Boxing, a FOX television show, in which celebrities whose careers and/or notoriety had diminished were pitted against each other in exhibition boxing matches.

The first episode aired on March 13, 2002 and featured Danny Bonaduce vs. Barry Williams, Todd Bridges vs. Vanilla Ice and Paula Jones vs. Tonya Harding.

Who knew Octomom and Damon Feldman were even dating?

image: media punch

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    I think Masts Suleman is a fantastic mother and respects her children to know end I wolud like to know how to get into contact with Nadya Suleman as I am a fan of hers I am so proud of her for what she has done and I am so happy for her Thnx if u can Nadya suleman please get into contact with me thanx :) welldone and I hope you fullfill your dreams