Lindsay Lohan To Make Fun Of Herself On ‘SNL’

Lindsay Lohan is piecing together her shattered public image and you know what, it’s kind of working.

Lindsay, who is usually the butt of jokes, will be on “Saturday Night Live” soon and sources are saying she is willing to joke about herself.

I didn’t know whether to make a “Lindsay’s homeless” joke or a “Lindsay, can I check your receipt” joke about the photo above.

Anyways, the plan is to joke about some of her less the reputable moments of the past in order to re-establish her career and to show that she’s “in on the joke.”

So I wonder which moments they’ll be touching on.

Maybe the time she went to prison or the time she stole that expensive necklace or maybe all the DUIs and mugshots or…

Good luck Lindsay can’t wait to watch!

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