Shaun White X-Rated Photos Have Surfaced

Photos are being shopped around of gold medal winner, Shaun White, in a very compromising situation!

The photos, which were taken at a hotel party, are reportedly of White having sex with a girl back in 2009 just before he won a gold medal at the Winter X-Games for Superppe.i

Apparently, several party goers were able to get a picture of the gold medalist doing the do, but those close to White made them delete all the photos… well not all of them.

So far only two photos have surfaced, one showing a Shaun making out with some girl with clothing on and then there is one also featuring the couple, but minus the clothes and in action with Shaun smiling at the camera.

The seller of the photo is looking for quite a bit of cash, but has yet to find a buyer.

And for all of you reading I know what you are thinking and yes, apparently the carpet matches the gross, curly, ginger drapes.


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