Justin Bieber & Selena Gomez Lash Out At Kidd Kraddick

Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez have lashed out at Kidd Kraddick, after the radio host dissed Selena’s mom publicly and made jokes about her on air.

It all started when Selena posted the below photo saying, “Momma and Brian are finally letting me share the news… My mommys carrying my baby brother or sister :) I’m the happiest girl in the world!”

Kraddick also suggested that Selena’s probably the one carrying the baby, adding it’s embarrassing to be pregnant at her age.

Reports couldn’t be verified earlier, it now appears as though Kraddick did in fact make the comments and Selena is very upset about it.

Listen to the audio by pushing ‘play’ below:

Taking to Twitter [has since been deleted] Selena said, “Kidd I used to look up to you.. Talk about me all you want but my mom or my family is crossing the line.”

Justin came to his girl’s defense by tweeting, “Smooth Kid. Real Smooth SMH.”

As for Kraddick, he responded on Twitter saying, “We will address the Selena/Justin twitter situation tomorrow morning at 8:20 EST. You can listen/watch live on… http://fb.me/XD8cljiy

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