‘Buffy The Vampire Slayer’ Meets ‘American Dad’

On November 20th’s episode of Seth MacFarlane‘s American Dad, Buffy alums Sarah Michelle Gellar, and Alyson Hannigan guest star as two teenage girls fighting for the affection of Steve Smith.

What Steve doesn’t know, is that Gellar’s character Phyllis is really a robot who had been created by Steve’s dad Stan.

Apparently, Stan uses a CIA avatar program to download his own consciousness into the body of the robot which looks like a pretty high school girl.

Wow, weirdness.

At least we get to see Buffy and Willow together again, right? RIGHT?

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  • http://www.tearsofcrimson.info Michelle Hughes

    Thanks for sharing the article. I love Buffy and American Dad so this should be a real hoot!

  • http://www.btvsonline.com Sam Scott

    All I can say is: If the two characters breakout into a fight, I want it to echo Dark Willow and Buffy! That was the best fight throughout the entire series. Not likely, but I can hope… :)