Julia Roberts As The Evil Queen (Photo)

It’s a far cry from Tinker Bell.

Julia Roberts embraces her inner bad girl as the Evil Queen in the upcoming still-untitled fantasy, which puts a dark twist on the beloved Snow White fairy tale.

“Everybody knows Julia’s smile and the sound of her laugh, and she really brings that out and takes advantage of that and uses it in a different way for her version of the Evil Queen,” said Lily Collins (The Blind Side), who plays Snow White. “She used her magic and turned her smile and laugh into a creepy way.”

Speaking of Julia’s wicked ways Collins continued, “We’d be shooting and she’s being extremely horrible to me, and once they yell cut, the first thing she says to me is, ‘Are you okay? I’m sorry, I hate being mean to you. You forget that’s really Julia because she’s so good.”

I’ve seen her give that same look to the paparazzi.

I would SO not mess with this woman.

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