Disney Star Mitchel Musso Busted For DUI

Hannah Montana’ star Mitchel Musso was arrested for drunk driving yesterday in Burbank, California.

According to law enforcement, Musso was pulled over at 3:45 AM Sunday after he failed to slow down while police officers were directing traffic due to an unrelated accident.

When cops pulled over Musso’s 2007 black Mercedes Benz a strong odor of alcohol detected.

The actor, who also stars on Disney’s ‘Pair of Kings’ and ‘PrankStars,’ failed a sobriety test and blew well above .08 when given the breathalyzer test.

Oh and I forgot to mention, Mitchel Musso is only 20 YEARS OLD!

He was booked on suspicion of DUI and his bail was set at $5,000.

Am I the only one that smiles when a Disney star messes up?

Does that make me evil?

Oh well, good one Musso…

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  • http://allieiswired.com Allie

    I wonder if he was friends with Miley? [evil grin]