Lil Wayne Sex Tape Featuring Nicki Minaj Surfaces

A new sex tape is being shopped around and it allegedly features rap superstar Lil Wayne!

Here’s the thing, the woman joining Wayne in the video appears to be none other than…NICKI MINAJ!

A group from New Orleans, Louisiana is trying to sell the tape and gave MediaTakeOut.com a screening. The video is reportedly three years old and was filmed by Weezy himself.

So how did these guys get the tape in the first place, you ask?

Well, the story is that the tape had been circulating around Wayne’s friends and eventually landed in the hands of some not so reputable, yet entrepreneurial people who are now trying to sell it.

The group is apparently trying to sell the footage for $150,000, that’s a high price to pay for not really knowing if it’s really Wayne or Nicki.

So what do you think, did Lil Wayne and his protégé Nicki Minaj really knock boots… on tape?

Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below!

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  • http://yahoo jackie

    i dont think they made a sex tape

  • http://yahoo jackie

    lil wayne is not that dumd to be sitting around and be making sex tapes

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  • candy


  • http://allieiswired tashawn

    Nicki is sexy

  • http://nicki-minaj-sextape.com nicki

    That totally sucks because I really started to like her. It’s a pity they all have to go down that route… if you know what I mean…

  • http://minajsextape.org nicki minaj tape

    yeah but I am not sure if lil wayne is even involved with this. its supposed to be just nicki minaj doing her thang

  • http://Www.bonke.com Gama bonke

    weez¥ cn not do such a thing!! Do tape? No itz lie

  • http://minatape.com/ Mianj Tape

    It is lil wayne in the tape i have seen it, its 100% real. This is how celebs becom famous, its starts as a tale, then becomes truth,then people cant get enough, its a simple sales tactic, old , but still used in todays world, and most people fall for it.

  • http://minajsextape.net minaj sextape

    This is not a real tape it’s just a video clip of a new track they collaborated on. But there’s a tape floating out there though… :)