Charlie Sheen Bombs At The Gathering Of The Juggalos (Video)

Charlie Sheen hosted the festivities at last night’s Gathering of the Juggalos and unlike Tila Tequila, who was almost murdered when she was bombed with human feces, Charlie came out unscathed.

However, he did get lots of boos and things thrown at him.

While the crowd lived up to their reputation, Sheen handled it all, even catching a couple of the projectiles.

“Damn! I should have worn my f*cking goggles,” he says at one point, happily turning the stage over to the next act “before I get impaled.”

Why Charlie Sheen?

“Everybody thinks Charlie Sheen, craziness! But really it’s not. It makes total sense,” Shaggy told Rolling Stone.

“Charlie Sheen right now is under a microscope, he’s under scrutiny. Everything he says is debated, picked apart – much like everything we do.”

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  • http://Website petite fleur

    oh please medias stop the BS, he did pretty well Juggalos loved him, deal with it.

  • http://Website sss

    The Juggalos. Right. Glad he did so well. The Juggalos is right on the lips and pulse of America.

    Catch Charlie’s next performance at the 22nd Annual County Fair in Macon Georgia. He will be judging the pumpkins. That will show Chuck Lorre!