Kim Kardashian Look-Alike Snags A Desperate Reggie Bush

Reggie Bush has reached a new low.

The pro football player is now dating a Kim Kardasian impersonator.

The woman’s name is Melissa Molinaro and yes she is the same impersonator from the Old Navy commercial that caused controversy due to the woman’s likeness to Kim earlier this year.

Bush was even spotted celebrating Molinaro’s birthday earlier this month at Boa Steakhouse in Beverly Hills.

Could this just be Reggie’s type of girl or is this just revenge on Kim?

Clearly, he is not over the break up and is just looking for attention again.

Enjoy your fake Kim, Reggie.

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  • http://allieiswired.com Allie

    A fake replica of a fake, plastic person. I’m not sure what it is.

  • http://Website steph

    I think they’re perfect for each other, I mean she’s obviously a bag of crazy to impersonate Kim and then date Reggie. And he is a sad fame whore. Perfection!

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  • http://Website Reality check

    You are stupid. He dumped her for being an attentionwhore who had a sex tape with a washed up singer. That is 100 times more whorish than this girl is. What is Kim famous for again? Being the daughter of a famous lawyer and taking a big black dick like a pro on camera.

    And how can you judge Reggie? You arent perfect. Maybe he wants a girl that isnt a whore like Kim. Google led me to this blog and it appears not to be a credible blog .