Justin Bieber And Selena Gomez Getting Married

Justin Bieber and girlfriend Selena Gomez have officially given up the charade of pretending that they are ‘just friends’.

Since coming out in public, the pair have been spotted glued together like, well… like a married couple!

Fans have been going crazy at the onslaught of photos of the pair smooching and canoodling all over Maui and now together in Toronto visiting Bieber’s extended family.

So what’s with all the PDA and the schmoozing with families?

Well, it’s been suggested that little Justin is planning on popping the question to his girlfriend on her 19th birthday.

Yeah, you read that correctly.

A ‘source’ claims that Justin is “thinking seriously about his future”, and that after “such a fantastic time in Maui together it’s really cemented how he feels about Selena and is hoping she’ll . . . say yes.”


“It’s her 19th birthday in July, and he’s planning to propose to her at a birthday party he’s organizing for her” the source added.

Sorry Beliebers, you’ve lost him forever.

At least the boy knows one part of the marriage vows already… The OBEY part! (notice the hat!)

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  • http://Website alex

    you are not thinking at all. why are you doing this it is insan. like i said you have to think. I know that love selena and justin Ido not think you are right for each other. i do not think so.

  • http://Website Madiie

    love how TEENS cant even be in love i dislike justin bieber as a singer but as personality hes alright selena gomez is one of the most sensible teen starts out there. i beilive this is not true since the fact that they know they ae only fresh couple but if they wish to it still aint ny of our business so just for now how not making a;;egations which might not be true?

  • http://Website lulu

    love u j.b.

  • http://www.mapinc.org/top100.htm jayman419

    Always classy to take a girl’s party and make it all about you. I bet he announces a new single, album, or tour on his wedding day.

  • http://Website abby

    Really i LOVE Justin and everything but he is so stupid, she’s just using him for the fame, attention and money she did it to every other one she dated! i mean when the Jonas bothers were big she stuck herself in there and then when was huge twilight she was with Taylor and now because he is one of the most famous people in the world she has to but her slutty nose in there to! who agrees ??

  • http://Website may bright

    plzzz tell me this is jus a rumor like the one that she was supposely pregant plzzz this wedding is going to reuioned both of there carrers there not ready for this plzzz tell me this is just a mest up joke plzzzz

  • LoVeLY

    omg i cant believe it amazing selena gomez is wierd and… nevermind

  • http://Website jelly

    i agree wit abby yeah justin bieber is the best but he is making a mistake of his life but to me this is a rumor!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • http://alliewried victoria

    if they want to get married let them and please stop hatting on selena gomez and just let the most wonderful couple stay together and it not ya no him personal get over it

  • http://alliesworld amie

    justin you are so cute

  • http://Website Hannah

    I dont think it is a rumor ask chacha they said that on July 19 2011 after selenas 19th birthday they r getting engaged and i dont want them to get married because like 9 out of 10 times famous people get married to other famous people

  • http://Paigehood.com Paige

    How could you Justin Drew Bieber cheat on your Real Girlfriend who lives in Racine,Wisconsin and who’s 11 years old??????????????????????????????????
    I still in love with you and I even have a cardboard cut-out of you in my living room!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • http://Paigehood.com Paige

    Text ME,BOYFRIEND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Just like what Big Time Rush says: If you have a boyfriend you need to stop cheating on her!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That includes:Justin Bieber!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And I’m still LOVE you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • http://Paigehood.com Paige

    Justin Bieber:
    Would you marry me instead of Selena Gomez your ex-girlfriend???????????

  • http://aol.com anna

    OMG!!!!!!!!!! I am a maj. JUSTIN BIEBER FAN but i agree with abby ,selena gomez is a slut noise and wanta be rich and famas slut because she did go out with taylor from twilght when it was super big and with 1 of the jones brothers when they where off the roof and it is worst that Justin is 17 and selena will 19, even if justin WANTS to pop the qustion he has 2 wait a year when his 18 she is 2 years older then him plus 3 out of 4 celebrity marriages dont work out at all ,so i am not concerned!!!and I AM ONLY 13 KNOWING ALL OF THESE!!!!!!!!!!and IF JUSTIN BIEBER IS READING THESE ONE DAY!!!!!! 2 WORDS (LOVE U!!!!!!!!!)((PS.TAYLOR IS GAY!!!)))

  • http://Website Sarah D

    OMG I cannot believe there is going to be another royal wedding!!!! PRINCE BEEBER AND QUEEN SALENA!!!!!!!! of the united states of CANADA. long Live sALusTIn BieBez OMGGGGGGGG I HOPE ITS TWINS

  • http://Website Zoey


    Please tell me this is a dream

  • http://alliesiswired.com Kayla

    that dumb mofo bieber if he is going to destroy his life , then let him I am not trying to be a hater cuz I am a fan of both of them but trust me it aint going to work out anyway so calm down justin drew bieber loverzzzz lolzzzzzz

  • kate

    wow! kidding me?!!!???!!! i love selena but shes turning into a slut!!! she might not even say yes!!!

  • jasmine

    he loves her more than over seven millon fans i mean he loses fans everday because of her wow hes that stupid but go ahead marrie her but no this she a stupid wanna be and dont try to say mean things to me

  • http://facebookyoutubetwitter genoia

    Justin u belong with me not her that little girl

  • http://Website Mariaaagi

    yeah this is ridic . he’s young & should enjoy his teen years. hes only had like 4 girlfriends. I personally love Justin but he’s making a huge mistake if this happens . #enjoy life .

  • gin

    just leave selena and justin alone if they want to get married that is on him and her he chose to marry her so live it be so yeah its possible for him to lose fans so.

  • http://Website lalo

    i agree with gin just leave them alone

  • http://Website lalo

    i love selena gomez and selena and justin look cute together

  • http://Website hydro 0ne

    u guyz are togther!

  • http://allieiswished altia

    i love you right me on face book till porter yall needs to leave him alone hes happy hi selena andby justin right me love you

  • http://leaveacommont rebekah

    Hi selena i think u looke so sexy with justin beiber k i love u guys i love the pic byyyyyy

  • http://leaveacomment rebekah

    Leave them a lone u just jaelis cuz they to gethorgh and ur not with him justin bieber dont brake up because of some stupit fan they are haterssss i love u guys and selena gomez i love u like a love song baby and i got a song of uuuuuu love u and one thing justin do u have a tatto selena are bff with demi is she out of rehad i am ur fan justin i am fan 2



  • http://twiter laticia

    i hate selelna gomez

  • http://yahoo.com mj

    nice couple :)