Justin Bieber And Selena Gomez Are Totally Having Sex! (Photos)

Following their appearance at the Billboard Awards this past Sunday, love birds Justin Bieber and girlfriend Selena Gomez flew off to Hawaii for a romantic holiday.

Of course, it did not take long for photos from the ‘private’ getaway to surface online…

Photos taken of the couple sharing a private moment in the ocean surfaced this evening and fury erupted via twitter.


Many of Bieber’s fans, who call themselves ‘Beliebers‘ were enraged, and sent tons of hateful tweets Selena’s way.

The photos are quite intimate in nature and speculation is abundant as to the sexual nature of their relationship. Many have brought up the fact that Bieber wears a ‘promise ring‘.

So are they ‘doing it’? I totally think so! But you can judge for yourself, and let me know your thoughts in the comments section!

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  • http://allieiswired.com Allie

    Long comment, let it slide. Curse again, deleted.

  • http://email princess

    wow!!!!first they make-out in hawaii in the ocean and SELENA why take a bikini show off!!!!!!!!!and JUSTIN why her………

  • http://Friend Prettygirljayda

    You and her are cute

  • http://youtube.com bieber fan1*

    Their not haveing sex their just kissing dah and they just recently just broke up like 1month ago and you guys need to stop talking shit about my future boyfriend justin bieber because he didn’t do fucking shit to u guys don’t hate because he gots swagg and you Don’t!!!!!

  • http://biebersexy.com *1Bieber fan

    Idk why people hate on justin and selena their just so perfect for each other!!!!!!!!^_^

  • http://shyannep76@gmail.com bieberlover98

    I would love to have sex with justin bieber and tayler launtner because they are so fucking sexy and i would suck his cock all night o yeah baby!!!!!!

  • shyanne

    Don’t call us ungly Brittany u don’t know were hotter than you k!!! gosh!!! don’t judge a book by it’s cover!!!!!!

  • http://google lindi

    U guys please leave selena and her love live alone if se what it hat way let ge have it so shutup en get a live an Ps selena I love u I’m your bigets fan and can I get your bbm pin ore cell number

  • lissette

    Okay I personally love them and this is there personal life, if your a true fan you wouldnt care if or if not they were having sex you would just be happy if Justin is happy. Okay they deserve more privacy than that it’s rude and disrespectful

  • Ashley

    if they r then they r so what u girls tht say mean things to selena leave her alone ur just gelious of her shes of age and so is he at least she dont post naked pics of herself like some popstars

  • http://Www.j.bands.g.com John

    Duh!they are not having sex,cause if they were they
    Would have been stark naked(I mean with no underpants)

  • maria

    all the stupid people who keep saying that we are “jelouse” im not jelouse but they might be having sex! doesnt mean im trying to ruin their relationship its just my oppinion if they decide to have se go ahead thats their life i never really like justin bieber i have never really been a fan but i always loved selena gomez and its kinda sad seeing her do this since i grew up with her but guess what SHE’S 18! she is growing up and there is nothing we can do about it she deserves to have a relationship just like the rest of us….so yea thats pretty much it go ahead and judge me i dont care im just speaking my mind

  • http://Website nicky

    Wow this is apology weird that they are doing that. It’s weird for me cuz I’ve grown up with Selena like I watched her show all the time. And j remember Justin when he 1st started.

  • http://Website Nicky

    Sorry ignore apology. Didnt mean to put that. Anyway, I think that they should wait till they get married. Cuz that’s the way its suppose to be. But we can’t do nothing about it. And for those girls who are saying crap about Selena needs to stop. How would you feel if you were her and got those comments? You would feel bad. So, enough with your jealousy.

  • http://none kaeko

    i lov justin Bieber with his pretty pretty Girl named Selena Gomez im also a gal of course.

  • http://Yahoo Thomas Puszka

    Selena is sexy

  • uguysareretards!

    all you people are complete and utter retards, THEY ARE KISSING for fucks sake!!!, all the people that are saying they’re having sex are fucking thick as pig shit! and must be about 7 years old to think that, what they are doing there is ‘sex’ no children, that is called showig affection to a person you love, THAT IS NOT SEX!

  • http://allieswired yani

    IF SELEAN Wants Too have sex with justin then let be I wish ppl would STOP HATING ?????

  • http://@ courtney

    hey selena im soo hapy for you and im a fan of both of u

  • http://justinbieber jamie

    yes they have iv seen pics of then naked together kissing

  • Easha

    I think that’s really sweet but I like zayn Malik I saw Selena kissing zayn he is my boy. Friend and now I hate her stupid get a life you fuckin asshole shit

  • http://Website Easha

    Or wait I should say that it’s do not sweet I’ll make her road kill but since I. Can’t I won’t she is so mean me and zayn already had sex and he said that I was sexy and I was the sexiest person he’s ever seen I Already kissed him



  • Jada


  • http://google abegail

    well……….. its there life why peor sooooo intrested in dis

  • http://allywish talia

    I love Justin I want to kiss him

  • http://facebook suraya tarsee

    he’justin is totally having sex,i can’t see you with selena

  • http://facebook suraya tarsee

    he’justin you are so cute

  • http://facebook suraya tarsee

    justin is hot

  • http://ilovejb.com ilovejb

    hi justin bieber i am your biggest fan!!!! i like all of your songs

  • http://Google Rayray

    Hey justin its ya boii rayray

  • http://www.facebook.com brittany

    hey justin how are you ?

  • http://sex shawntaya

    i want to have sex with you so badly and kiss you do you want to fuck and have sex with me?

  • http://selenagomez leah

    That’s cute I hope she get pregnant so she get what she desvore

  • http://Website amit

    i have girl friend but i am not kissing them and having sex with them

  • sebastian somoza

    Hey guys my name is sebastian somoza and if you guys know a girl named bridgette *********** well I like her and if you know her let her know I do like her and I want to go out with her p.s sorry I waisted your time reading this. She is in my class of 5th grade but to be honest I don’t have the guts to tell her I. Like her.

  • helen

    I think that it is their life so let selena be pregnat and rouwin her life well she will be the one who has to look after the baby while everyone is going out to the clubs and he is trying to get a job to get money in the house . So if you are one of those people who are taking the pee out of them don’t because you will be picked on so leave them and let them just be a happy copule

  • http://google alyssa

    You are hot but stay with one girl

  • http://Jio.com Rella

    I wish i could kiss him i have a tots crush on him

  • http://Jio.com Rella

    So mad i love him he is so hot i want to have tots sex with him so so mad i mean really cant he like his adoring fans i go to all his concerts i am so mad i just don’t know what to say i have a really bad crush on him he is the hottest boy on the planet i just want 1 kiss :(

  • http://Website Thando

    I wish I was his girlfriend and kiss him and have lots of sex with him

  • Monisha

    i like both of them but i know that they had sex several time.i like jelena alot . they are a cute and nice couple.i want them to be together again.please……………………………………..

  • http://lol.com sarena


  • http://Website Johnny

    people should send threats to justin bieber instead,he is more of a jerk and dorkwad