Janice Dickinson Posing Nude, Too Old For This? (Photo)

For those of you unfamiliar with who Janice Dickinson is, here’s a little refresher. She is 56 years old, and deems herself to be the world’s first ‘Supermodel‘.

Also, she’s a major attention whore who will do ANYTHING to get herself some press. Exhibit A;

When we came across this photo this morning, we were truly shocked. While painted up Dickinson isn’t too bad looking. Of course, that’s with her clothing on and wearing about 50lbs of makeup…

When I saw the uncensored photo of her naked self without makeup and hair done, was totally… well… blinded.

If you’re interested in seeing the uncensored photo CLICK HERE. Warning that it’s NSFW, and might cause permanent retina damage.

Oh, and really, who is the plastic surgeon that is responsible for those breasts of hers? They are AWFUL! Nipples pointing all over the place… yikes!

Consider yourself warned…

Original Source via D-Listed

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