Bethenny Frankel Sued For $100 Million

Just when things were started to look up for the reality star…

Real Housewives of New York’s Bethenny Frankel is reportedly being sued by her ex manager to the tune of a whopping $100 million dollars. That’s insane!

Doug Wald alleges he met Frankel in May of 2008 where the two came to a verbal agreement that he would represent her and receive 10% of her earnings. An agreement that Wald says was confirmed the following day via email.

The Hollywood Reporter writes;

According to the complaint, Frankel signed with APA on August 7, 2008, and also agreed orally that day to retain Wald as her personal manager and pay Raw 10 percent of her earnings (she allegedly confirmed the relationship in an e-mail sent the next day).

Wald says Frankel specifically sought out his advice because she thought the Skinnygirl cocktail was underexploited and he could help her make some money from it.

“She expressly represented that any agreement relating to the exploitation of the Skinnygirl Cocktail Brand would be commissionable under their management agreement,” the complaint says.

Wald says he then helped Frankel hook up with liquor industry veteran David Kanbar, who put together a business plan for a company that would buy the brand, use Frankel’s celebrity to help market it and sell it in two years for a hefty profit.

But Raw Talent says Frankel fired Wald in November 2008, days before signing her deal to develop and market Skinnygirl.

So of course the company/guy who got fired wants a piece of the action… Wald is suing for $12 million in lost commission from the deal and the remaining sum is because the jerk wants to make an example out of Bethenny.

What a douche.

Do you guys think he should get the money? Or should he just lick his wounds and walk away?

Personally, I think he should just get a job and get over it!

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