Warner Bros to Charlie Sheen: Stop Lying

Apparently, Mr. WINNING! is losing… Warner Bros fired off a letter to Charlie Sheen‘s lawyer to clarify matters regarding Charlie’s return to Two & A Half Men.

“Those statements are false. As you know, there have been no discussions, there are no discussions and there will be no discussions, regarding his returning to or having any involvement with the series.”

So basically, Mr. Sheen is full of sh!te.

Besides, what on this earth would make him think that Warner would re-hire the douche after everything he’s said and done to cast a bad light on his former employers?

Maybe it’s all the crack that Charlie’s smoked. And all you Sheen lovers out there were convinced he was a ‘god’ with ‘adonis DNA’.. PUH-LEASE!

After last night’s ‘show’ in Toronto, Sheen basically thumbed his nose at the WB letter saying “Negotiations with ‘Two and a Half Men’ are moving forward. We need to get in a room and fix this thing … give the people what they want.”

Yeah, right Charlie…

Can you say; “LOSING!”?


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  • Warlock

    Actually, according to TMZ, Sheen’s lawyer responded confirming that there has indeed been discussions within the past two weeks.