Rihanna Has Secret Half-Siblings

In a recent Rolling Stone interview, Rihanna wasn’t shy about disclosing intimate details about her life – including that she likes a little S&M. She even discussed her troubled childhood. Something the Grammy winner didn’t talk about, though, is the fact that she has three older half-siblings.

That’s in addition to the two younger brothers we knew about!

PopEater reports all three of her older sibs were fathered by Rihanna’s dad, Ronald Fenty, with different women before he married her mother.

32-year-old Kandy is the oldest of the three. She’s a pharmacy assistant who lives in Barbados with her daughters Brandy, 14, and Crystal, 11. She recently talked with a British newspaper about meeting her now famous half-sibling for the first time when Rihanna was 15.

“My girls thought she was great fun and now, of course, they love the fact their auntie is one of the most famous singers in the world,” she told The Sun. “They love her music and are always singing her songs at the top of their voices.”

Rihanna’s father has confirmed that he did father Kandy, as well as her half-sister Samantha, 30, and half-brother Jamie, 27.

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