Tom Welling For Superman In ‘Justice League’?

It was leaked yesterday that the previously scrapped Justice League film is back on track. A new script is currently in the works.

This was speculation until confirmed by Superman: Man of Steel director Zack Snyder who says that his Superman, and the Superman from Justice League will be completely different entities.

[He looks hot in the suit, no?]

I previously voiced my desire to have Smallville actor Tom Welling suit up in Snyder’s upcoming Man of Steel flick, but my pleas obviously fell on deaf ears.

But now that a new Justice League film is being made, and to be completely separate from Snyder’s Superman, Tom Welling being cast once again becomes a possibility! Although I’m sure that Warner Brothers will do something stupid once again and cast some douche in the roll…

All we know at this point is that Christoper Nolan‘s Batman (Christian Bale) and Snyder’s Superman (Henry Cavill) will NOT be in Justice League. However, it is still open to having Ryan Reynolds as Green Lantern… Hmm.

We’ll keep you posted, in the meantime harass the WB execs all you can to get them to put Welling in the suit for JUSTICE LEAGUE. And they can throw in Justin Hartley as Green Arrow just for good measure! ;)


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  • http://Website Oreos

    WB plan on starting up a Justice League franchise, that means: A Justice League movie with multiple sequels.

    If Tom Welling gets cast: He would play Clark Kent for 10 + 7 years (depending on how many movies will be made). 4 years ago, I would have said yes, now…..no.

  • http://att.net james wright

    they will never cast anyone that will be as good as tom welling for superman in the justice league

  • http://Website Anthony Pilone

    I want Tom Welling for Superman in JLA movie!!!!!!!

  • http://Website Anthony

    Screw Henery Cavill, he’s no Superman, he’s too short and Superman is NOT suppose to be english!!!!!

    He is not as good as Welling, the WB SERIOUSLY needs to listen to us fans for once and give us what we have been wanting for soooo long!!!!


  • http://Website Name Steve

    The idiots that call them selves directors need to watch smallville and realize what there missing I will see the new movies because I’m a true fan but it will never be the superman we remember christopher reeves passed the torch to tom welling for a reason Tom Welling 4 Superman!!!!!!!

  • Kat

    Tom Welling is the Superman that we all know and love. In my personal opinion it is best if he gets the role of Superman for The Justice League. Henry Cavill does a good job in Immortals but I still don’t think he has what it takes to be Superman like Tom Welling. Tom Welling rocks & he is a spunk.

  • Ash

    If they don’t pick Tom Welling for Superman then I’m not even going to bother watching the movie

  • Darkchild

    I agree with Ash. Give the fans what they want. It’s a win-win.

  • http://Smallville victoria lynch

    Tom,Tom,Tom,Tom,Tom!! That’s ALL I can say,he’s the best Superman. I love him<3 And if they don't pick Tom I'm not watching. *teamwelling!

  • http://Website Raymon pierce

    Please WB use Tom Welling as superman in justice league movie! Thanks

  • http://Website cory bedard

    look warner bros it might seem like were honestly asking for a lot but its just the tiniest thing. we understand that you have a movie idea set and possibly some good actors in mind. But the thing is that we all just want the same thing and that’s a great movie…….. as a fellow hardcore justic leaguer. its been my dream to see the justic league a full length feature film and to see tom welling as the role of superman would make not only myself happy but every justice league fan because of three points i would like to show you. the first is that his acting skills are beyond that of most hollywood actors today no offense to any of the big screen heroes, my second is that weve gone through 10 seasons of smallville building up the love and respect we have for the man. and my third is because seeing anyone else as the role while growing up with seeing tom welling just isn’t the same so please cast tom welling as the role.