Renée Zellweger To Star As Slim ‘Bridget Jones’ In Sequel

A new Bridget Jones sequel is now in the works since producers promised star Renée Zellweger that she will not have to pack on the pounds to play our favorite spinster.

Newly crowned Oscar winner Colin Firth is coming back as Mark Darcy, and Hugh Grant will be reprising his role as douchebag Daniel Cleaver.

So how will the movie makers explain our suddenly slim heroine? Well that’s simple. In the beginning of the movie, they’re going to have her do a weigh-in and show her reaching her weight-loss goal… FINALLY!

I don’t know about you, but I’m uber excited that they are finally doing a third Bridget Jones film. The first two were hysterical and endearing.

I want you guys to weigh in with your opinions on this. Tell me your thoughts in the comments section below!


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  • http://Website whatever dogg

    Honestly, I think she looks better “fat” as Bridget Jones than her usual size. By far. Women are supposed to have hips.

  • http://melliott930.blogspot.com Marie

    I agree with whatever dogg – - part of the reason I loved Renee as Bridget is because I honestly think she looked better. Though I have to admit I’ll be excited to see Bridget finally reach her goal :)

  • http://Website Shiela Smith

    Wow, it would be awesome to see the trio again in the third movie. I hope they can pull it off because Colin apparently is getting offered no end of good scripts since his oscar for kings Speech. I cant wait for the new film and i know a lot of people who would love it too. They are the best films ever made, so bring it on!

  • Robbie

    Can’t wait. I love the books and the movies. I just hope Bridget and Mark are still together in the end. I’m all about Colin Firth, so glad he is coming back.

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  • Tess

    I am looking forward to BJ3. I absolutely love Colin Firth.