Pink Slams Britney Spears & Christina Aguilera

Now that Christina Aguilera has been arrested for public intoxication and we’re all familiar with Britney Spears’ head shaving craziness, Pink has taken to her official Twitter to slam both of them!

In a message posted an hour ago, the singer takes a hit at both of them for their shenanigans.

She tweeted the below message, which has got some fans of Brit’s and Christina’s in an uproar!

Here are some of the messages that she’s receiving due to her tweet:

i love @Pink but i didnt like that tweet it was rude to britney and christina.

@pink @britneyspears make what she make is better than anyone!!..and she demostrated that she can be on the top again..can u do that??..IDTS

@pink girl i love u alot lol but dont diss britney

@Pink I hope you don’t get postpartum depression and that your husband doesn’t leave you. Be Kind and Be Thankful. #Britney

Oh snap. It’s a war of the stans now! Who’s side are you on? Let us know in the comments below!

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  • http://allieiswired.com Renna

    Go Pink!

  • http://Website Gail

    Don’t know why people are so upset by the comment made by Pink, I’m sure Brit n Christina have something to say about Pink or others. Let’s face it we would like to live in a world where no one has anything bad to say but news flash! We Don’t.
    Two word to all in the public eye, Role Model.

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  • http://Website Sue

    I totally agree with Pink. She is so right. She seemed like the rebellious one, now look who’s all screwed up instead – Christina and Britney. Who’d have thought that??? You go Pink and I wish you and hubby best of luck with your baby!!!

  • http://Website Whitney

    Team Pink!

  • http://Website maggs

    Pink soyou are sooo right girl.

  • http://Website Cha Cha

    Go Pink !!! I totally agree with you girl!
    you said it all !!!

  • http://Website k

    As a mother myself christina and britney should be ashamed and they should have to listen to it. Normal people hear it from friends and family and any other person who finds out so what makes them so much higher that they don’t need to face it. As for blaming it on postpartum there is no excuse. espcecially with people around them all the time. I mean anytime I’ve had a child I get a million pamphlets about it and the signs. Postpartum isn’t a problem it’s stupidity and immaturity of going out drinking when you should be making an appointment to see your doctor. The moment you find out your pregnant you should be taking the responsiblity to say, “hey I need to make decisions for the best of my children from now on not myself” and that includes taking care of yourself making sure you are in a healthy state to care for them physically and mentally. How about instead of spending money at the bar take the time to spend it at the psychiatrist and pharmacy which is where they obviously need to.

  • shelby

    Pink is right….look what Brittney has done since having kids…turning into a train wreck, and he music sucks now…and xtina is all over the place and not in a good way….pink has been spending time with her family and reconnecting with her hubby….pretty obvious that she’s the most put together out of the 3…and she was right in her tweets…most ppl thought she was the bad one…lol…she was just stating a fact!!