Katie Holmes Suing Star Magazine

Katie Holmes is gearing up to sue “Star” magazine over their claims that she is using drugs!

A couple of weeks ago, the tabloid ran their “Katie Holmes Drug Shocker” story, promptly upsetting the actress to the point of a lawsuit!

The cover cites drugs as the “real reason she can’t leave Tom”, suggesting that she is addicted to some kind of drugs. The inside of the magazine doesn’t go into any kind of detail about her reported addiction, but the cover in itself is defamatory.

Her rep said, “The cover is libelous no matter what they say inside the magazine.”

I agree. The cover is very suggestive that Katy is deeply involved with drug use. They are always using Katie as a means to sell magazines with their “she’s tortured” headlines, making it sound like she’s absolutely miserable in her marriage to Tom Cruise.

What do you think of the lawsuit?

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