Jimmy Fallon Is ‘Winning’ In Charlie Sheen Sketch – Video

This clip is so funny that I just had to share it with you. In a new sketch, Jimmy Fallon takes on the tiger blooded WINNER, Charlie Sheen! It’s so good that Jimmy should consider making Charlie parodies as his regular job.

It’s the same gobbledeegook rambling nonsense that you’ve come to know and love from Charlie, added with some hilarity.

Como se dice winning, DUH!

Charlie has recently revealed in one of his many cracked out interviews, that he has joined Twitter for the moolah. Of course, it’s because he’s an unemployed winner! It’s all that tiger’s blood and Adonis DNA working for him.

Given how funny this is, there are talk show hosts that don’t look at this in such a funny light. Craig Ferguson has said that he will not poke fun at Charlie, possibly because he’s mentally ill.

Still, you can join along with Charlie and be on the “winning” team or you don’t. Either way, we love the view from up here. Ha.

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