James Franco Is A Painter (Video)

In a late night tweet, James Franco posted a video of himself in a large room painting a picture entitled “James The Thinker,” a parody of the famous French statue.

Though the video lasts less than a minute, we see Franco thoughtfully mixing paint on his pallet, applying it to the canvas, and then stopping for moment to admire his creation. Well done Franco.

Franco has been very busy of late, what with hosting the Oscars, being nominated for an Oscar himself, having several appearances on “General Hospital,” and working on several advanced degrees.

Does he ever sleep?

In other news, Walt Disney Pictures has confirmed that Franco will play the lead of the Wizard in the new version of the 1939 hit entitled “Oz, the Great and Powerful”.

Originally Robert Downey Jr. was to play that part but he left the project a few months ago, reports Coming Soon. No word on why he left.

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  • Diesel

    Lousy painting…as bad as his Oscar-hosting gig.

  • http://Website Geek

    I like it, he’s seems a cool guy.

  • http://Website Sole

    I love Love him, he has balls!
    He decided, no matter, what the outcome, he will persue his interests.
    a defiant spirit maybe…