What Is Chris Brown Smoking? (Photos)

Chris Brown appeared to be breaking two laws yesterday, when our pals with X17online snapped him at a stop light — puffing away on a funny looking cigarette.

Dude… where’s the hand on the wheel?

[removed per request]

Of course, it’s possible that Chris was just smoking a joint filled with the legal drug salvia, just like Miley Cyrus, right?

UPDATE: E Online reports:

E! News, however, happens to have the goods on what Brown was really up to. Hang on to your lighters, because this rumor is…

So false!

Our first big clue, of course, was that X17 Online has since removed the photo from its site.

Chris Brown’s rep did tell E! News, “The picture shows Chris Brown holding a Davidoff mini natural pack mild cigarillo…The same cigar he held in the photo of his In My Zone mixtape CD cover.”

So what do you think… cigarillo?

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  • http://Website Ethan Wildeman

    Fake and gay

  • http://Website Star

    Another publicity antic. over him

  • You Wish

    both of you can shut up, it’s that bitch he’s “dating” that’s got him doin this, and if you’re over him… why you commentin

  • http://allieiswired.com Renna

    Regardless of what he’s smoking, he was still busted using his cell while driving… LOL

  • http://Website Thats Weed

    His girlfriend Kae leaked photos of her smoking a weed or crack pipe sitting on a toilet earlier this year and she is a well known pot head and her pops is a cop. So do we believe that is a cigarillo, yes with weed in it. Looks like a puff puff pass move to her on the passenger side. Either way smoking anything is bad and sets a bad example. Also, everyone knows that you mix your weed with a cigarillo and smoke it. He needs a drug test asap for his probation anyway to ensure he is on the up and up not high and high.

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  • http://google lorvah

    Have u got any proof I.e pictures or videos not just little daft things what u have heard from someone else

  • http://google lovah

    Give him a brake nobody needs to know his personal life alongs he caress about family ,friends and fans its or right but needs to pull him self together so that he can go far and positive things its ok . People makes mistakes. But u need to learn from that and try not to do it again

  • http://hotmail lol

    Do u know what cigerates are don’t try to compare miley and Chris u don’t no maybe It’s different did u ask him stop assuming things and think for a moment