Lady Gaga To Sue Over Breast Milk Ice Cream?

An ice cream shop in London is selling an ice cream dish called Baby Gaga that is made from real breast milk! Covent Gardens’ Icecreamists sells the creation for £14 and a costumed Baby Gaga waitress serves the dish to the customers.

It might be considered a homage to the princess of pop, but is it borrowing too much from her?

Check out the video for more information on this nastiness:

It appears to me that they’re really trying to get sued here, because they are, in fact, using Lady Gaga’s likeness and image without her permission.

Should Gaga sue over this nasty stuff? What makes me even more curious is whether or not this product will sell all that well? Would you buy breast milk ice cream for yourself or your family?

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  • http://allieiswired.com Allie

    … or your family? lol

  • http://allieiswired alf

    Gaga has every right to be upset. Why did they not get her ok and give her a percentage of the profits?

  • http://www.celebrityviplounge.com jules

    okay, so the picture is a little much. But I say if gaga doesn’t get sued by madonna for use of ‘express yourself’ then she should call truce with ‘baby gaga’….

  • http://Website jen

    firstly its hardly nastiness, we consume bovine milk everyday, milk that comes from cows that are impregnated every 9 months have their calves removed by 3 weeks and are pumped full of hormones to keep them producing milk for months which in turn makes them develope infections in their milk ducts which are treated by anti biotics, the fda have ok’d a drop of puss for every 8oz of milk nice hey!!! so before you start talking about breast milk ice cream as nastiness why dont you think about what your consuming! if anyone is nasty it is lady gaga i mean urrgghhh at wearing meat silly little lady has ideas abouve her station!