Jessica Simpson Finds Her Niche: Fashion!

It’s Valentine’s Day, so we’re going to try and be nice to Jessica Simpson. Since she hasn’t made a successful career out of singing or doing television, she has apparently found her niche in fashion!

Who knew?!??

Jessica Simpson Finds Her Niche: Fashion!

For the record, I was on Team Jessica when she had her singing career. But ever since she tried to go head to head with Mariah Carey in the Christmas song wars, I JUST CAN’T. I mean, “I Think I’m In Love” was my jam back in the day. My jam.

Still, you don’t have to worry about Jessica. She has her fashion enterprise going for her and it’s making her insanely rich. Seriously. She must have a really good management team.

Per “NY Magazine”:

ā€œI never thought Iā€™d be some fashion mogul!ā€ Simpson tells the magazine of her hugely successful fashion line, which is reportedly on track to make $1 billion this year in sales.

WTF?!? What are we all doing wrong if Jessica Simpson is laughing all the way to the bank with her BILLION dollars?!?

And check her out, she’s rockin’ a much thinner look!

Are we in the wrong business, or what?!? And I really tried to be nice here.

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