Tom Welling For ‘Superman: Man of Steel’

All morning I’ve been researching, trying to find the latest scoop with regards to the Zack SnyderSuperman: Man of Steel’ project. Of course, the only thing I could discern for certain is that Natalie Portman’s rumored involvement is just that, rumors.

I’m more than willing to admit that perhaps my new found obsession with the long running TV series ‘Smallville’ has got something to do with my renewed interest in the Man of Steel. I have always been a huge fan of the sexy man in the blue spandex.

I was addicted to the post-crisis Superman comics, and balled my eyes out when Doomsday killed my fave hero.

I had the biggest crush on Christopher Reeve when he donned the super-suit, and was terribly saddened by both his accident, and later his death.

So my experience with the mythos of Kryptonian born Kal-El is quite extensive… especially for a chick.

And that brings us to the task at hand… What will come of Snyder’s ‘Superman: Man of Steel’?

Well, let us first consider that many other Superman feature films never made it into the theaters. Like the one that was to be directed by Tim Burton, with a script from Kevin Smith (Clerks) and starring, GET THIS, Nicolas Cage (and his lousy toupee) as Clark/Kal-El/Superman.

Side note- Hey Nick, just cuz you’re a huge Super-Fan-Boy, does not mean that you’d be a good choice for the role, balding and oldness aside.

Moving on.

So although many scripts have made it to the pre-production stages of development, only one has managed to break through and make it to the silver screen. The one with Christopher Reeve’s clone Brandon Routh.

While uber cute, and a deadpan knockoff of Reeve physically, the boy could not act. Ok, that’s not really fair… but he certainly didn’t fit the suit. Although Superman Returns grossed nearly $400 million at the box office, it was deemed a failure both by the studio (Warner Bros.) and by comic fans alike.

With all the bad luck, and the supposed ‘Superman Curse’ surrounding the films, it’s no wonder no one has gotten the series right since Reeve’s time.

So what’s the current situation concerning ‘Man of Steel’? Well, they are currently seeking out an unknown, or little known actor to don the cape and tights. In theory this is a perfect idea.

The names being thrown out are Armie Hammer (Social Network), Joe Manganiello (True Blood), and Ian Somerhalder (Vampire Diaries).

My opinion? No, no, and HELLLLLLS no.

The studio should remove their collective heads from their asses, and realize that they have had the perfect actor on staff for the last 10 freaking years!

Dear Warner Brothers Execs, USE TOM WELLING YOU FOOLS! Thanks.

If you want to argue this with me, go ahead and do so in the comment section, however please note that prior to my new found obsession with Smallville, I avoided the show purely on my dislike of the choice of Welling to play Clark Kent.

It took me till midway through it’s final season – in other words about a week ago – to realize that not only does he make a great young Clark Kent, but that he would make a superb Superman.

Watch the show, but make sure you get past the ‘freak of the week’ early episodes and then decide.

I am almost at the point where if they don’t cast sexy-as-hell Welling in the film, I might consider boycotting.

Enough of my ranting, let the conversation begin!

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  • http://Website KAL

    Wow, EXACTLY my thoughts, Ive also only recently been obsessed with smallville, and didnt watch it earlier as I thought Tom is not a good clark kent, but its just when I started watching from season 1, I realised he is PERFECT!! I cant even picture anyone else as superman anymore! Damn!

  • http://Website Chuck

    Couldn’t agree with you anymore if I tried…TOM WELLING IS THE MAN OF STEEL!!!

  • http://gamingindulgence.wordpress.com Matt

    The only problem I see with Tom Welling being Superman in the film would be separating the two identical but completely different characters of Smallville’s Superman and the Superman they should be going for in the movie. Smallvilles story is unique and they’ve changed a lot of Superman’s backstory. If they did use Welling they’d almost have to keep the Smallville mythos which I’m sure wouldn’t fit with the movie they’re trying to make.
    Smallville: The Movie would be awesome in its own right but doesn’t work for “Man of Steel”

  • http://Website MarciKay

    I couldn’t agree with you more!!!….Tom Welling is the perfect fit…it’s just too much of a coincidence that this Superman movie is coming out right after Smallville ends…and what makes Tom shine even more is when he is interacting with Erica…afterall this whole superman mythos is really about infinite LOVE and both Tom and Erica really light up the whole TV screen..imagine what they could do in the movies!

  • http://allieiswired.com Renna

    @Matt – I don’t think that Tom would only be good in a Smallville movie. He has the look, the charisma, the physique, and experience.

    It does not matter that the mythos for the show has been jumbled up, in fact their are comics devoted to the Smallville story arc that DC made official canon.

    Bottom line. Fans want Welling. The studio should see this, and make the film that the fans would want to see.

    It isn’t just Smallville fans that want Welling, comic fans think he’s the perfect choice as well.

  • http://Website Juli

    Tom Welling is the right choice for Superman if he wants to do it. I was not a fan of the series until recently, but have since seen the whole series to date and caught up.

    iI had no idea who he was when I saw and liked him. In Cheaper by the Dozen.

    Warner Brothers and Mr. Snider, by all accounts I have seen, Mr. Welling has a clean image, the looks, the ability and fits the criteria from your casting call. Please cast him for Superman!

    You will be doing comic book fans, Superman fans and Welling fans a favor!

  • http://Website NEZ

    I, personally have always thought that Tom Welling would be the perfect choice for Superman in a movie! He admitted to not knowing the mythology behind superman, so he was figuring it out along with the show, Smallville. He portrays perfectly the innocence of clark Kent while at the same time, the fearless heroic nature that is the man of steel! I’ve been the biggest fan of the show since day one and I’ve Loved Superman since I saw a picture of min on my grandfathers shoe brush! Tom Welling is the Perfect choice! Also, consider Michael Rosenbaum as the perfect Lex Luthor!!! Such a great and under-rated actor!

  • http://gamingindulgence.wordpress.com Matt

    @Renna – Don’t get me wrong, I completely agree that Tom would by far be the best choice to play Superman in the new movie. He is the best embodiment of the character I’ve seen yet. Even better than Christopher Reeve (RIP). BUT as much as we’d all love to see Tom up on the big screen in the suit, I just can’t see the studio looking past the issues casting him would bring up. It’s never going to happen.
    Of the three people you mentioned had been rumored, I think Alcide would be the best fit. Though they should keep looking imo.

  • Joker

    Haha YEAH!!!!! I am completely for Tom Welling as Superman. Great article!

  • http://Website sid o’connor

    tom welling is good no doubt, but i would have preferred they kept brandon routh, he fits and i hate it when actors are changed in sequels (like how they ruined HULK). But if Routh has to go, then please no old faces, get someone fresh and new on the scene, makes it easier for viewers to adapt. At least i wont be confused about what im watching…smallville or superman.

  • http://allieiswired.com Renna

    Keep in mind, Superman: Man of Steel will be an ORIGINS film. Meaning a younger actor, not older will be cast. Welling is a fave for the role, and is under consideration.

    PLUS, there was supposed to be a Superman cameo in Green Lantern that got scrapped. In the cameo, they wanted Welling.

    The cameo was to prepare for a Justice League tie-in, like Marvel is doing with the Avengers film. just saying!

  • http://www.devotedtosmallville.com Gabriela

    Thank you for this, I don’t know what’s wrong with WB just take Welling for God’s sake! We already started a petition on facebook (for him and Durance as Lois) for this (we have a little over 4,300 members http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=113801945331699 ), fans want Welling up there, he had a 10 year audition on TV the part is his!

  • http://Website javier

    Yes, yes, yes. Tom Welling is the new SUPERMAN 100%.
    Great article. Thank you..!!!

  • Lauren

    OMG, I love Smallville and totally agree that Tom Welling would be perfect for the role of Superman, they would be stupid if they were considering any one else!!!

  • http://Website Ult-R

    Has anyone considered that Welling does not want to do it? He turned down SR, JLA and even Smallville. Twice. He is “terrified” (his words) of the suit. When the suit arrived at the Smallville set he didn’t try it on, he didn’t touch it, he didn’t even look at it until he had to. He only stuck with Smallville to get the clout to launch Hellcats and once Smallville ends that’s where he’s going (also his words).

    Tom Welling is not going anywhere near MOS.

    Thank God.

  • sarah

    I agree as well!! He’s perfect, he has the body and he’s a good actor.

  • cloud

    there filming man of steel in june this year for a december 2012 release. back in october sydner mentioned routh is not coming back but did not mention or has since on welling been in the role smallville is also filmed there and they finish filming in march/april a month or 2 before so it sounds good so far that he may be in it also green lantern producers wanted him in a cameo role but that fell through!

  • http://Website Barry

    Let’s get some things straight, so there is no confusion. 1) This movie will NOT be an origins movie. Zack Snyder has said as much. That being said, other then that fact, and that Zod will not be the villain as first rumored, we know nothing about the movie.
    2) They are not aiming for younger actors. In fact, they are looking for late 20s early 30s who is not an a-lister. Tom Welling fits into that criteria.

    Personally, I would love Tom in the role. Anybody who watched “Homecoming” will tell you that he has the part down. He has the physicality, the presence, a clean image, and he clearly loves the role despite his lack of fandom (he’s already said he’d be honored if they offered him the role).
    Unfortunately, as has been brought up, it is unlikely he’ll get the role. Despite his die hards claiming they won’t expect “Smallville: the movie”, the fact is that his prior involvement with the character will almost immediately disqualify him from Zack Snyder’s list (and I say Snyder’s list because I’d be willing to bet studio heads would LOVE the idea. Not only would they be able to negotiate a good deal with him do to his prior history, but it would be PR dream).
    Don’t get me wrong. I’m keeping my fingers crossed hoping for this to happen, I just don’t realistically see it.

  • http://Website Clark Kent

    I know I’ll rough some feathers here, but I love to see Brandon Routh be given another shot at MOS. Was it because he look like Chris Reeves? damn right. Reeves IS Superman, period. I saw Tom Welling’s other works like Cheaper By The Dozens movies and The Fog remake, all I saw was Tom Welling being what he supposed to be in those movies. But each time I saw Routh, whether in Chuck, Scott Pilgrims or Dylan Dog trailer, I see Superman. Superman curse hit Routh because he just look like Superman. Yes, in Superman Returns, he can’t really act, but that was like 4 years ago and that was he 1st major role, no one really know him before Returns. But now, he has become much much better. I just saw him in Chuck recently, and he’s really good playing an agent with regrets in his life. He’s a better actor now, much much better than his Returns days. Beside, correct me if I’m wrong, but Clark Kent is a ‘down to earth mild mannered’ reporter from Kansas. If there is anyone out there can be Clark Kent in real life, than Brandon Routh is that person. The way he talk, I can see (I know most people can too) that in real life, he is a mild mannered person. I can’t see the same mild mannered reporter in Welling’s Clark Kent. Of course Routh has to work on his Superman persona, but if Zach Snyder can turn Gerard Butler into the great Spartan King Leonidas, I don’t think he has any problem turning a mild mannered soft spoken Routh into Superman. Beside, even as Superman, he still carry his boy scout image with him. Brandon Routh is a real life Clark Kent, all he need, is another chance to become Superman.

  • http://Website Rene Pintor

    @ Ult-R that’s bullsh*t and you know it. Watch this clip from this past year at Comic Con 2010


    You will hear it from the Tom’s own mouth.

  • Joe

    I agree…Welling is the man for the job.Welling has been this generations Superman without having to put on the suit.What more that having Welling on the BIG SCREEN dawning the Superman suit!!WELLING FOR SUPERMAN!!

  • ANRM

    Tom would be a great MOS! I did not watch Smallville at first but I am now current on it and hooked. He is doing an amazing job at transitioning into Superman and since Smallville is about Clark Kent and not superman I think he should get a chance to portray him on the big screen. WELLING FOR SUPERMAN!!

  • Shell

    I agree!! Tom Welling IS Superman – no debate! I will boycott if they cast anyone else. And, they need to cast Erica Durance as Lois Lane – she IS Lois – she recreated and honored the role for fans!

  • http://Website kristine

    Look, I understand that Smallville has a lot of beloved fans. But in order for you all to avoid disappointment you have to face reality. Smallville had its greatest amount of viewers in its first season at 8.4 million. This amount decreased throughout the years. 8.4 million is a small amount in the “television” world let alone the “movie” world. Remember, the population of the United States is 306 million. Considering M.A.S.H. had 100.5 million viewers, Cheers had 85 million, Seinfeld had 74 million, and Friends had 52 million viewers, Warner Bros.. Zach Snyder, and Christopher Nolan are not going to care what 8.4 million viewers think. . . even if all 8.4 million Smallville viewers boycott the movie if they do not cast Tom Welling, They are going to target the rest of the country and the world. This is reality.

  • http://Website TMZBrazil

    Tom Welling is THE GUY !!! he is better ..
    TOM WELLING FOR SUPERMAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • http://Website jessica

    ”television”, ”movie”, 52 million… this don’t care. ”superman the returns” is a ridicules movie., so bad! TOM WELLING IS PERFECT <3

  • ANRM

    We are not talking about Smallville transitioning into a movie, we are just simply stating that we think Tom Welling would be a good Superman and think he should get that chance. If it turns out he sucks at it, then what position will they be in…..the one they are in now. They werent please with the last one so they are redoing it. Maybe they SHOULD go a different direction since they werent happy with it in the first place.

  • http://Website Amanda

    I have been obsessed with Smallville since like the 3rd season! It is my all time favorite show! I love Tom Welling as Clark and would absolutely die if Warner Bros. used any but Tom as Superman!!! I know that in May, I’m going to cry like a little baby during the series finale. =_(

  • http://Website Yarylux

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts so clearly Allie! you couldn’t be more right!!
    I didn’t know about Nick Cage…sorry, but YUCK!
    I’m one of those who fell in love with the man of steel in the late 70′s by watching that amazingly good loking Crhis Reeve in the big screen…and been a fan ever since…I have watched absolutely all episodes of Smallville…
    And let me say something to you Kristine: I know that sometimes people from USA think they’re the only ones who watch tv shows or movies… but please:
    remember me!
    as well as ALL others viewers around the world…yes, surely producers and screenwriters only consider numbers from your country, but they later sell the film around the world, and those other numbers make THE final sum…
    On behalf of the rest of the world let me just say :


    He’s the man for the job…and there’s nothing left to say…

    Greetings from Argentina!

  • http://Website DOUG


  • http://Website DOUG


  • todd

    with nolan involved he’s going to want an actor who can carry a film. not sure welling has the pull for that.

  • Arisistible

    Tom Welling is Superman. Superman has always been my fav hero bc he symbolizes all the good we can BRING TO THIS WORLD starting with oneself. But until I watched Smallville, I couldnt agree more with how Clark is suppose to be. Christopher Reeves was great, but at some point you have to take the character seriously and I didnt see that with Reeves. Has Tom not shown Happy, sad, goofy, cute, serious moments in every season? He’s the one. I know he’s a little stiff btw the kneecaps when moving but im sure he could adjust. Routh would have been next in line bc he looks like Reeves but given poor writing, he might’ve lost his chance

  • http://Website Arion

    Tom Welling is Superman. Superman has always been my fav hero bc he symbolizes all the good we can BRING TO THIS WORLD starting with oneself. But until I watched Smallville, I couldnt agree more with how Clark is suppose to be. Christopher Reeves was great, but at some point you have to take the character seriously and I didnt see that with Reeves. Has Tom not shown Happy, sad, goofy, cute, serious moments in every season? He’s the one. I know he’s a little stiff btw the kneecaps when moving but im sure he could adjust. Routh would have been next in line bc he looks like Reeves but given poor writing, he might’ve lost his chance at the next project. Who says the next MOS has to be like Reeves? That was then and this is now. And with Snyder on the job Ill bet my money the new MOS is NOT going to be a reinvention of Reeves. And who would want that? So technically Tom might still be in the running. To me Toms version of Clark and Kal-El is probably closest to how the creator of Superman wanted him to be. Rosenbaum is the best Luthor and Erica is the best Lois. The only downside is the fact that it might be a conflict of interest that they are all from Smallville. Hopefully the studio can all look past that bc I think it would really satisfy the viewers. No one wants to see a pathetic or overly nerdy Superman. Tom fits a strong farmboy, and can play gullible but yet NOT too nerdy that u cant take the character seriously. Take batman for example, until the movie bcame “The Dark Knight” (a serious name to set the tone) was it ever as successful as it is now. I dont even like Batman and I payed to watch it. Even Spiderman pg13 had its serious moment. Thats what MOS needs. So Snyder could still use Welling, since I doubt Snyder would be looking for another Reeves. Lets hope Welling gets that call. Great article. I actually read every post. -Arion-

  • Arion

    Another thing, Jack Nicholson was good for his time as Joker but did Heath not dominate the idea of “The Joker?” Who would’ve thought of picturing the joker this way until Heath did it (thanks to the writer and director also). So I say let Reeves be Reeves and Tom Welling be the new face, perception and idea of how Superman should be since hes doing a fabulous job at it. I never felt more attach to the MOS character until I saw the way its portrayed in Smallville.

  • Kal-El

    I agree with the article to the extremes. After Chris Reeve if anyone deserves the Super Suit. Then it is only Welling. Warner Bros. Please open your eyes

  • http://Website Richard

    I just think it’s funny as hell that Warner brothers have made a success of Smallville over the last 10 years and want to spit in the fans faces by NOT casting the face of a “growing up Superboy”. The comments that Welling can’t even fly (on Yahoo) or is not Superman is correct, BUT the final season will close all of this. I see Clark don the suit, fly and get rid of all of his doubts in this final season. Let’s not forget that with Darkseid as this season’s villain Superman will NEED to be ruthless and use all of his abilities (which will fit right into Nolan’s types of movies..dark). This will be the final step for Clark to step from “Blur” to SUPERMAN. Tom Welling (to us fans) is the obvious and ONLY choice

  • http://Website Arion

    So the new MOS has been casted. Just as I expected Henry Cavil, the boy from The Count of Monte Cristo. He was one of the picks and it has been finalized. I guess he wouldnt be a bad superman. He doesnt have Reeves look which could work because we r expecting something big and different plus but he does have a jawline. The only thing he lacks is height. He was the number 1 contender for batman james bond and superman returns bc he was too young. This case it works for him bc they needed a young up and comimg actor.

  • http://Website AlexCarnage

    Hell yeah to Tom Welling. I’m a huge smallville fan own every season. Even if I wasn’t I would be able to see that Tom is the best fit! Hell no to Erica. That would be a mistake. I still don’t think they should have her in smallville!

  • Kyle

    Cavill doesn’t deserve to be the man of steel, We all know the only person that truly deserves it is Tom Welling I have been writing on blogs all day about this I am boycotting the movie I am not gonna spend money on this shit. It only shows how much these studios really care bout what the fans think. Even If I am the only one not going to see the movie. I believe in this, start listening to the fans and I hope that your movie doesn’t only bomb, but I hope it fucking deflates into nothing more then a used up dream. I am not even excited about Snyder directing the film. I am sorry but his shooting style is not that of a superman stature. I am not a comic fan, but I have really enjoyed smallville Tom Welling is Clark Kent, they should have let him finish the job. I hope the movie fails, and I hate to say it. Only showing that if the fans had more of a say so then I believe that movies would do better then they do.

  • http://Website saul

    Why dont we start a petition to see if we can get Welling cast instead.Who how many of you would sign it? Let me know

  • http://Website Arion

    I would definitely sign the petition but i think its too late. Lets give Cavill a shot he did get rob by brandon routh bc they changed director to bryan singer (which is so not original), he pulled Cavill off Superman Returns bc they found someone that resembles Reeves. What a rip off. Singer killed the movie. I still believe Welling is the best there is for Superman but lets give Cavill a chance. They are planning multiple parts and Cavill is younger than Tom so it would make sense. Tom would be 40 by the fourth movie. So I can understand why it is what it is. But I still think Cavill being only 6’1″ is a negative. Im sure if Welling was younger and hadnt been on Smallville, the studio would not pass him up.

  • Jodi

    This would seem like a superb ending to the series, having Tom Welling on the silver screen. He is superman to anyone that followed Smallville. His physicality is perfect for part! They have made a colossal mistake!

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