Timbaland Loves Demi Lovato

Timbaland thinks Demi Lovato is amazing.

Timbaland posted a video on Youtube, which he dedicated to the young singer. He said he’s been listening to her music and he is VERY impressed with both her voice and her music — he wants to work with her!

In the video, Timbaland plays a clip of a song, which he claims to have written just for her, and that he wants to produce music for her!

A collaboration with Timbaland, wouldn’t be the stupidest thing she’s ever done. Anything he touches turns to gold — I just wish he’d leave the Bieber alone. I wrote that just for you, Timbaland.

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  • http://Website Maya

    Wonderful! I’m glad he recognises how fabulous she truly is. As long as she doesn’t rush into anything she’s not ready for, this should be great!

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