Kanye West’s $180,000 Watch – Photo

If you’ve ever wondered how you could possibly have so much money that you waste thousands and thousands of dollars on utterly stupid crap, enter Kanye West.

Seriously, he designed this watch for himself — of himself. With glasses on, of course.

So while you’re wasting away your lives in a cubicle farm full of people that you see more than your family, working for morons – just know that Kanye is not thinking about you as he shells out $180,000 for a watch. Sure, you could probably purchase a really nice house and a car for that type of money, but ‘Ye has decided to wear it on his wrist.

From the description:

The dial itself is in gold toned mother-of-pearl, with a combo of white, yellow, brown, and black diamonds. The bezel is lined with very large diamonds as well. The watch is said to have a total of about 8 carats of stones. Kanye’s face has been immortalized on the dial – complete with sunglasses.

You know what you could purchase for $180,000? Here’s a short list (each):

181,818 double cheeseburgers from McDonald’s (tax not included)
9004 cheap Chia Pets
1800 bad paint jobs at Maaco
2 weeks worth of “escorts” for Charlie Sheen
Sarah Palin’s campaign wardrobe

Priorities, people!

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