Justin Bieber Fandom Compared To Terrorism

If you’re thinking that the fascination with Bieber Fever has gotten out of hand, then congratulations, you’re not alone. According to one expert, the fandom surrounding Justin Bieber is comparable to terrorism.

So if you listen to Bieber, then the terrorists win?

“Pop Eater” reports:

One child psychiatrist, Dr. Alan Ravitz, senior director of forensic psychiatry at the Child Mind Institute, tells PopEater that this Bieber Fever going around is a hazardous issue, and one to take more seriously.

“Where are the parents? Who is trying to guide these kids?” Dr. Ravitz asks. “Who is telling them to be polite and civil to each other? In a way, it’s analogous to terrorism, where the only thing important is your own personal agenda, and if anyone gets in the way of that, you’re allowed to do whatever you want to them.”


Dr. Ravitz explains, “If you’re a 10-year-old and you get a tweet from Justin, you don’t have the capacity for abstract thought. You can’t think, ‘Well, he probably has a PR person who generates these tweets for him.’ You as a 10-year-old think, ‘Oh, he’s sending this to me, he is telling me about his life.’ So on the one hand, he has this PR team creating this sense of false intimacy, and on the other hand he creates a problem for himself because he encourages intrusion into his private life. I don’t think he can have it both ways.”

But, never fear parents, he’s not just blaming Justin’s PR people….Nope, he’s also laying the blame on you. He went on to say, “I think it’s the responsibility of the fan base to get realistic about their perceptions. It’s less Justin Bieber’s responsibility, and more the responsibility of the parents of those kids who reacted so uncouthly. Bieber’s management is just focused on revenue generation, which is a reasonable thing to be focused on, which is running a business.”

Just tell your kids not to step on each other when the Biebz is around. Maybe the Bieber Fever will die down already. He’s not the Messiah, people.

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    True. It’s unbelievable! He’s just a guy. A completely normal guy, apart from the fact he can sing. And he can’t even do that too well xoxox