Robert Pattinson & Kristen Stewart Holiday 2009 Photo

It looks like Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart have been dating for a little while longer than they have let on!

Here we’ve got a photo of the two of them from last Christmas, posing with his parents!

The twosome only really confirmed their romance when a photographer caught them kissing in Montreal in August. Prior to that, they’ve dodged any and all dating rumors, opting to keep their relationship private.

The photo above was uploaded to Facebook by a fan of the couple, after it was allegedly taken from one of their personal pages. The uploader removed the photo rather quickly, but not before it started to make its way around the internet.

You would think that Kristen would’ve at least brushed her hair. She does look a little homeless here, don’t you think?

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  • http://Website Michelle

    Does his wife know about this!!?

  • http://allieiswired.com Allie

    @Michelle — He isn’t married (SMDH)

  • http://Website Jazz

    What?!? Kristen looks homeless?! lol. If anything it’s Rob that looks more unkempt. Kristen looks totally fine.
    I wonder who took the picture. Rob looks out of it while everyone else was at least smiling slightly.
    That’s pretty cool. They seem great together.

  • http://Website Sarah

    C’mon Roberta…don’t be a hater… Kristen doesn’t look that bad…Actually Robert looks worse but you would never say anything bad about him, would you?… I think not… Look at Rob’s hair… is crazy here…out of hand…lol… They look like they had just rolled out of bed… maybe that was it… Lovely couple!

  • http://allieiswired.com Allie

    Actually, they both have “bed hair” – ha!!

  • Janie

    I was going to comment on Rob’s hair but someone did. Can’t believe the person that wrote this article is worried about Kristen’s hair when his looks the way it does – scary!! Oh don’t get me wrong, I thin Rob is gorgeous but I wouldn’t mention her hair when his is looking the way it does in this picture, ROFL.

  • http://Website amaya

    oh gosh robert you look like you got drunk and woke up in the wrong place.heh at least some celeberties are normal lookin they are soo…normal lol

  • http://Website Grey Girl

    Okay, can the whole world now put the subject of these two dating to rest? We all knew this, even those who were in denial when the Isle of Wight pics came out. It’s kinda funny that a pic that is obviously very personal is on the net… I think they leaked it as a way of confirming without talking about it. They know they will be followed when they go to England if a couple of weeks for the Holidays anyway.

  • http://Website Grace

    Really Roberta what a bitchy comment. Kristen looks cool and relaxed. Whilst it’s lovely to see Rob and Kristen enjoying family time this photographed should have remained private.

  • http://allieiswired.com Allie

    @Michelle — find someone else to stalk, nobody cares

  • Adele

    Kristen, looks homeless? What? Cant you even write one article, with out having to state some thing negative towards the end?
    Kristen looks totally fine..And for the record so does Rob! x

  • http://Website Kathryn

    WTH!!!! I feel so sorry for them. Geezzzzz, no privacy what-so-ever. Sorry guys, whoever did this is a real asshole!!!

  • http://Website Sharon

    Hugh? Kristen looks homeless? She looks pretty at home to me in Rob’s parents company. Rob looks like every other man I know on Xmas day. He looks like he ate too much, he’s a bit hung over, and he hasn’t bothered to comb his hair or shave. No surprise there. This picture looks like almost every holiday picture I have of my sons and husband. Relaxed and happy. What’s your problem anyway? Are you all that glamorous on Xmas day yourself?

  • Roberta

    Jeez, call one chick homeless and it causes an internet fire storm….I’m sorry that your idol looks like she needs to take a bath….that’s not my fault.

  • Roberta

    Seriously, get a hobby, you KStalker

  • http://Website Disgusted

    That you would judge the aesthetic value of a private photo is shameful. These two kids define beauty but every other picture you see is by professionals when the kids haven’t just crawled out of bed. Just that you would comment on appearances at such a private moments shows what scum you are. This picture should have never been released and any negative comments are shameful.

  • http://Website bettyel

    They’ve been together since the Spring of 2009 when they were shooting New Moon, so it’s not surprising they were together at Christmas 2009.

  • http://aol rncrnp

    they have been together longer than we the public know – probably since they auditioned and they didn’t even know they were together. i am sure rob put a direct stop on the boyfriend MA. so they have been togther since kristen booted MA out of the car at the first Twilight premiere. look at the video when she told rob that she broke up with MA in the car. if you are a good lip reader you can confirm that
    on you tube.

  • http://aol rncrnp

    the hairdos are both appropriate for rob and kristen;
    mom has the camera in her hand. she wanted christmas pictures and woke both of them up. they look like they were out late and just ran their fingers threw their hair. i thinks that very much like them. and they sleep at home.