Miley Cyrus Newly Leaked Nude Photo

A few days ago Miley Cyrus‘ purse was allegedly stolen at an LA party, which she hosted at her new home over the weekend.

Apparently, her purse contained her iPhone and camera — and now pictures are starting to leak!

We recently reported how Miley Cyrus likes sexting with her on-again-off-again boyfriend Liam Hemsworth.

Perhaps this photo was meant for him?

The photo in question does not show Miley’s face, so there’s no way to confirm whether or not it’s her until her reps issue an inevitable statement. However, people claim it’s real.

The girl in the photo has Miley’s signature wavy extensions, and is wearing bracelets and an unbuttoned flannel shirt that Miley was photographed wearing while she was in Madrid in early November for the MTV Europe Music Awards.

The photo was confirmed to have been taken at Westin Palace Hotel in Madrid, where Miley stayed while she was in town.

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